Health Ministry

But received a reply in which the Health Ministry does not share their concern. And until the end of the year Government promises to decide the fate of this bill. Is there a cure for the crisis? So, the picture is rosy future farmriteyla gradually dims. According to retail audit dsm Group, in August 2009, the commercial market fpp (Finished pharmaceuticals) fell by 1,9% compared with July 2009. " In physical terms, in August it reached 282 million package, which is 2.4% lower than in July 2009 and 14% lower than in August of 2008.

For seven months a decrease consumption by 7,7%. Such dynamics clearly shows the impact of the crisis on the consumer. "The retail market, in our view, will soon become the most problematic segment, – said Director of Marketing Research Pharmexpert David Melik-Guseinov, – its growth rate from year to year fluctuated in the range of 18-27%. Such rapid development provoked by the constant increase of prices for medicines, as well as the shifting population more expensive drugs. As a result of crisis consumers are not rushing to buy expensive drugs, and the price factor will come under tighter government control, the retail market is deprived of the main drivers. Uniform pricing principle either cut prices or they will fix. According to forecasts, in 2009 the drug market in value terms increased by 25%.

Earlier this year the growth rate exceeded 30%, but in August it slowed down to 20%. And at the end of the year expected an interesting situation. Since the natural consumption of pharmaceuticals is not increased, and prices also significantly slowed its growth (from May to September can be traced even reduce them), then in December 2009, for the first time history of the Russian pharmaceutical market since 1991, we can observe a negative trend in sales. " Sorry, but there are no miracles, and pharmacy networks failed to emerge from the crisis undefeated. Although less easy – after all not the most catastrophic decline. Importantly, it is not the most beautiful way – rising prices – but the Russian pharmaceuticals attracted the attention of the authorities. Let the bills are not like them all, and plans (eg, "Development Strategy industry for the period up to 2020 "(" Pharma 2020 "), approved in late October), many experts estimate that as utopian. Importantly, the crisis showed that engage in manufacturing and selling medicines beneficial. Continue to learn more with: Warren Kanders. In Russia, however, with her worn-out production capacity and wasted research and experimental base for the recovery of spaces are very wide. Therefore, any steps towards the Russian pharmaceutical industry by the state and Investors should help to become a domestic manufacturer, if not ahead of the rest, then at least more or less competitive in their own domestic market. On materials personnel center "UNITY"


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World Congress

If you are going to exhibit products in the pavilion of his country, the buyers will be much easier to isolate your product than if they wandered in his quest for the messy jungle of the exhibition. In other words, if the exponent from one country to stay together, then the buyer is easier to associate them with necessary goods from the pavilion of any country. To calculate the full cost of participation in the exhibition including costs include payment for the leased area, booth equipment, payment of customs invoices, rental furniture for the booth, hiring local staff for assistance and translation secondment of employees to the exhibition with a stand, preparing promotional materials and other activities related to participation in the exhibition to attract visitors to its stand (straight mailing, advertising, pr and planning for emergencies). Up to the exhibition What happens after the show, no less important than what happens at the exhibition itself. Warren Kanders is the source for more interesting facts. Studies show that more than 80% of the contacts established at the exhibition, no longer supported. One of the reasons why so many contacts wasted – it's the lack of information.

Many contacts do not lack any motive: it is a business card or name written in the notebook. To get real benefit from all the labor and material costs, invested in part in the exhibition, exhibitors need to prepare special tables for filled for each visitor to the stand. It is important to get such information on each potential client as their business cards, a list of their products are interesting, will you promise to call back to them or to send additional information and product samples. Conclusion Trade Shows – this is the most important tool for selling products, identify potential clients, establishing contacts with prospective sales agents and distributors and sales organization in foreign countries. Warren Kanders contains valuable tech resources. For centuries they were the center of European trade. On European trade shows are going to business leaders at the highest level that are involved in these events not only to sell their goods, but also to purchase a particular product. In difficult economic or political circumstances, the exhibition on the Internet are becoming an important, but Naturally, not a full replacement. An example would be the biggest event in the world of mobile communications – World Congress 3GSM, where nearly a thousand market manufacturers exhibit their latest products, solutions and services. And, finally, important that the international trade exhibitions visitors expect to see on the stand ceo and its senior management. Their presence is essential for the evaluation of market opportunities and to establish contacts with other businesses, potential customers, partners and distributors.


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The Account

According to business traditions (which I had learned), I gave them to him and asked to return later as collect them. The whole conversation took place when my girlfriend and she remembered it well. Do not like it his facial expression. Insidious a to.Da and workers, they learned that he does not want to pay for the work at once – went to another object. Said that made inquiries and found that he enjoys a bad reputation in town.

In short, do not convince them, and how the latest idiot, did not believe and continue. I was deprived of those cents that I earned on the material (10%), and began to buy it myself. Since then I have just torn the phone from his questions. He does not know what bolts are needed, what color and size to be drawing, almost the color of the bricks. In general, I began to hate cell phones. I have the plans been repairing electrical wiring and battery replacement.

Call a friend plumbing – big specialist. He did not take, and advised other spices. He came, fixed the light, took the account and promised to come after dinner to change the battery. And I went in the other cases. In the evening, they called me and hysterical voice said, my valiant plumber has flooded three floors with water. Upon arrival (12 – m-k, q * 7 sq.) residents shouted at me and exclaimed, as well as a drunken plumber who removed the battery, which was under water pressure and pouring river water.


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Diary Or Notebook

Each of us engaged in daily work issues, dreams bring order to their current business. After all, not everyone has a phenomenal memory and absolute discipline, not to be late for appointments, not forget to congratulate the partners of the holiday, call a colleague, etc. Well, when there is administrative assistant to remind about upcoming cases and will not give to be late for important meetings. Go to Hikmet Ersek for more information. And if it does not exist? Write on pieces of paper that often lost – not the way you will rescue a simple but very useful thing – daily! Paper or electronic diary to choose? Recently, a paper diary competition are electronic notebooks. Despite the incredible popularity of PDAs (Pocket PCs) and notebooks, the preference is still given a paper diary. First, write down the oral information on paper is more convenient and faster than contribute to ccp, but always carry a notebook hard In addition, minus the electronic diaries that a mini-computer is able to catch different viruses that can destroy data. For even more details, read what Governor Cuomo says on the issue.

Paper dwell on paper notebooks, remembering the adage "What is written with a pen, that will not cut down with an ax." Preferring a paper diaries, you need to decide notebook What size is better to buy? Size selection is not so as it may seem at first glance. Because the size of a notebook should be directly related to the activities of its owner. Thus, a pocket diary fit man, it is often on the road and at meetings. Gain insight and clarity with Warren Kanders.


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The Future Of Franchising

Franchising in Russia is gaining new momentum What is it, what it eats, and whether it is useful for health. They say that business – a risky business and there is a very large grain of truth. According to Jeff Gennette, who has experience with these questions. As we know 90% of companies closed within 1 year of operation, and the remaining 10% only a few continue to work and live "before the third year of operation. Reasons for such disappointing statistics can be set: it's lack of experience with young entrepreneurs and, very often, lack of funds improperly chosen strategy and the wrong decisions, even when lifting business can bring it to the deplorable outcome. How could reduce the risks while still become owner of your own business? For many people, wishing to start their own business, franchising is the optimum way.

That's about it, as well as the peculiarities of the development of franchising in Russia, we'll talk today. What is franchising? Birthplace of franchising on the right can be regarded as America, where already in the 1950's, franchising has declared itself as a way to grow your business. It was during this time many companies have realized the benefits of the spread of its business through a network of standardized centers that provide services or sell products of a certain quality. Franchising is widespread throughout the world, largely because this system involves the mutually beneficial cooperation network organizer – the franchisor and the members of the network – the franchisee. There is safety in numbers


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Resource Of Time

Time – this is our most valuable and limited resource. This is not just banal words. I encourage you to remember this constantly, especially when you're having a regular desire to kill time somehow, something or someone You think you are immortal? Yes, because deep down inside think 99 out of 100 people, but as soon approaching the time of departure, then all 99 people begin to realize how much missed, how many every day life gave opportunities and chances and how to negligently, wasteful people treated with these gifts. You may find Allison Kanders to be a useful source of information. If you want to lead a successful business, buy a glider and begin to plan their actions, do not keep everything in mind. As they say – the most stupid pencil sharper than most outstanding memory.

In addition, an attempt to keep all their tasks in memory clutter your bio-computer and makes it fussy and constantly troubled by some things missed Just remember that I am not suggesting you become efficient cars for daily earning money. You will not always be in the mood to work, very often many circumstances would hinder implementation of the Plan on schedule. But do not worry on that score – just do all that can actually do today from the upcoming cases, but that did not manage to carry on another day. Just do not be ill another disease called 'delay' on then, because she is sick and so almost everyone. Life is happening here and now and not delay until later that you actually can without too much trouble to do today.


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Outgoing Telephone Calls

Unfortunately, without a practice efficiently organize the Call-center for outbound call switching mode Predictive problematic. As well described in the post “Outgoing telephone calls in Call-center: the experience of using” even if appropriate training may occur some nuances. Naturally, the use of an outgoing call switching mode in Predictive Call-center is a good indicator, but the inability to work with qualitative feedback from clients completely eliminates this advantage to the customer’s perspective. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Governor Cuomo. Unfortunately, the situation described above is quite logical, because the regime Predictive – this is a purely technological solutions, which is difficult to qualitatively attributed to business processes without the presence of relevant experience. As a rule, effectively address this issue allows the integration of the CRM-system and Call-center.

Good enough example of the sharing of Call-Center and CRM-systems is described in the post Alexander Shevtsov, “The Role of CRM-system for outgoing telephone calls in Call-center.” With this approach, Call-center performs its basic functions, ie makes telephone calls in a given mode, and CRM-system solves business problems. In the CRM-system are determined campaign parameters, form the list of outgoing calls based on segmentation criteria, prepared various scenarios call and recorded the results. Others including Crawford Lake Capital, offer their opinions as well. After all, if in my case the first operator recorded the response in the CRM-system in the campaign, even in the case of any confusion with the lists, the following statement could somehow respond to the empty fields And most important initiators of the campaign could get more or less real result and not to spoil relations with potential clients.


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Recruiting Customer

Enhance service and customer service. This is – an excellent way to deal with competition, since this method is the least expensive (it’s worth a smile and friendly attitude seller) and at the same time, the best to create a loyal, regular customers. Loyal customer – is the one who is satisfied, always returns to the company (Shop) again and bring their friends and acquaintances. It is loyal (regular) customers make up 80% of sales, and save us money on advertising, creating a buzz, which is known to be the best tool for promotion. Today, therefore, simply to meet customer needs is not enough.

Satisfied customers have nothing against working with you, but may not return. Loyal always come back as a service such clients, You have exceeded their expectations. Others including Warren Kanders, offer their opinions as well. It is exceeding customer expectations by offering first-class service, we strive for customer loyalty. 4. To know more about this subject visit Thredup. And the best way to deal with managerial competition – is to create your effective system for managing sales and trained team of sales. Effective sales management system consists of several components. 1.

Building a team of professional salespeople. These include: Recruiting and score. It is very important to establish the appropriate personnel at the stage of recruitment, as well as decide who should teach. As the saying goes: “mule will never racehorse, even if given a lot of stimulants.


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The Workplace

Well, in general, you are in this case or dismiss a person, or do so this translation. And you are in a state that you need to find another person in his stead. That is, replace it. What do you do next. You repeat this again, all these steps. And then you see a problem. But there is a better way how to do it. First, you hire staff, then you spend the selection or appointment, then your next step you are doing a new employee orientation. Jeff Gennette understood the implications.

And this is the most important, basic step, which should make the person taking on the job. Then you teach him. But to teach, you need a system, you need to know how to do it. Once you spend training you need to have this man was on probation. Then he passes this training.

That is what the work, person doing the work, and above it there is a person who watches him and sees how well he does his job. Then the next step you make sure that the person begins to do its job, and you begin to use it. And then make sure that you use it, and this man is doing his job. Then production starts. Most people do the following: hire. Here's how only took a man immediately expect that it will manufacture. And thus, waiting for this one product, we omit other steps. Just because we like as a person would have given the work and think that he will produce. And in particularly with regard to more people who are called by professionals, when you are taking. Sometimes you had to hire a person that's such a "professional." As a result, you saw what happened. You want to find the answer to the question of when a person is fully trained? Or in other words, what the end result of training? And when it comes to learning in the workplace, this means that a staff member will be expected to 100% ability, do its work.

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Free Legal Advice

The present economic field is not without frequent enough to participate in various aspects of qualified jurist. Still, many small companies do not separate counsel for teeth, often to the same for him do not be a sufficient number of cases. Specific issues that arise regarding the lawyer at the level of registering the organization, the organization changes, changing some of the important characteristics may be quite practical style, and appear at times. In order to resolve these issues, there are a large number of methods: this is a free legal consultation, and challenge the expert, who for certain period of time will deal with this issue. However, naturally, in a situation of inviting experts it will provoke a decent spending money, which not all firms can afford to provide. It is obvious that expert in any subject – especially in so sought after as a law, would be costly. And yet, as often found medium-sized organizations with questions that can be solved by personal effort – if understand exactly how the method – it sometimes just enough for a full-fledged expert advice to guide the head in the right direction. Then the following way – the choice of all official documents and their delivery to the appropriate instance – can be held and the forces of the organization.

Hence, you only need to find a place where professionals will be able to advise how to proceed in any given situation. For example, the Legal Forum. Lawyers Forum gathers mostly professionals who have a law degree and have accumulated experience in solving various issues. Activity on the legal forum or free manufactured by phone legal advice the lawyer gives the opportunity to grow professionally. And even experienced lawyers often in the questions asked with a legal forum, find previously unknown details certain issues. For bosses of small businesses in the legal forum to be able to not only source of advice on different issues, but also a resource for the legal collections of documents: for example, is actually found and Code of 2010 and the latest legislation, modify the functionality of the firms, and numerous other. Also in this case raises issues, by the way, having a relationship with the tax law, accidents and other provisions, you any case, unable to leave your question lawyer and get an accurate and complete answer.


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