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Holiday Activities And Stress

Specific antioxidants can help begin the Christmas holidays. Millions of families are planning the most beautiful weeks of the year. More info: Jeff Verschleiser. Often all that to be rescheduled at this time, what short came throughout the year. These include physical activities such as hiking, swimming, skiing and much more. The least is aware that the physical activity are not only healthy, but just at the untrained also stress, the so-called oxidative stress can cause. However, you can protect targeted with specific antioxidants.

Oxidative stress is triggered by any type of physical and also mental stress and can cause health problems without adequate countermeasures. So that this does not occur the nature has introduced mechanisms that harmful free radicals caused by oxidative stress can be rendered harmless. There are the antioxidants, which again turn back such as the free oxygen radicals in healthy oxygen. These antioxidants are often vitamins and trace elements which must be taken with food. But are the body available in situations of stress or not sufficiently healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables not getting enough antioxidants. Therefore they are recommended to in the form of tablets. An experimental study has once again confirmed the benefits of this measure.

The researchers studied the protective effect of vitamin C and during physical exertion by swimming. In red blood cells, as well as in heart tissue vitamins have strengthened the antioxidant defenses and keeps the cells from damage by free radicals. From her research, the researchers conclude that stress the body C and should be supplied enough vitamin. Pharmacist Bernd Ulrich, the Liebig-apotheke in Friedberg encourages clients CorVitum. CorVitum contains vitamin C and in clinically proven dosage, it releases delay these vitamins and must therefore only 2 x a day taken be. It is also very inexpensive. Only 32 cents cost a day of heart and vessels from oxidative stress with CorVitum .” CorVitum (PZN 0243079) is available in pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma under. The cheap quarter Pack will be sent free shipping. Source: Ciocoiu M et al. J Physiol Biochem. 2007; 63(3):187-94

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Without Cold Through The Summer

Properly used air conditioning increase comfort at high temperatures on hot summer days more and more people can enjoy air-conditioned rooms now also increasingly at home. However, adverse health conditions can be caused by incorrect operation of the air conditioner. Read more here: Hikmet Ersek. Too cold or too warm rooms burdening the organism. Precise temperature control and optimum air humidity not only better night’s sleep, it also untied. Especially in the summer a theme: the concentration and performance is ensured by the correct temperature while it decreases rapidly from 26 C. Modern air conditioners are equipped with filters that offer another advantage especially for allergy sufferers. Whenever Anne Lauvergeon listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Thus it at home no nasty surprises by drafts or to cold rooms are, you should consider a lot. This is Arno Schmitt, DAIKIN airconditioning sales Head Office Frankfurt, useful tips: avoid important high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors is not the absolute temperature in the room, but the temperature difference to stay outdoors.

The difference between the external and internal temperature should be chosen so not too big because otherwise there is a risk of colds. Technology at millennium wanted to know more. Here the recommendation is: maximum temperature difference of 6 C. For example, the room temperature should be not lower than 26 C set at an ambient temperature of 32 C. This rule is applied, the positive consequences: the human body regenerates and recovers faster after a hot summer day. The placement of the air conditioner the air conditioner or the air outlet should be focused directly on people. Each air conditioning unit moves the air in the room.

When choosing the right location, you can tell but hardly anything. The most modern equipment such as E.g. YourStyle Daikin offer an additional comfort mode. In the cool air is directed directly upwards or blown out by a swing function in different directions and discreetly distributed. So, the natural convection supports the smooth distribution of the air in the room.

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Anger Management

Dealing with anger and aggression of healthy grief, joy or anxiety are feelings that we encounter again and again in the course of life. It is healthy to exercise these emotions and communicate. In the above examples, it is usually completely in order to formulate them and “live”. However, how it looks with hatred, anger and aggression? These forms of emotion are not acceptable in many cultures, as well as in our. We suppress them, because it would be a sign of abandon to give in to the anger. So more and more aggression in us accumulates at, the consequence is constant irritability, resentment, bitterness, and finally depression. But although some people feel uncomfortable when he gets angry, expressed anger at the right time in the right place is justified something absolutely liberating, even positive. To bring snacks on the Palm? Then, take a step back mentally in this situation, look at the situation.

If you question why you react so violently the chance rises to the real causes behind it recognize. Anger management means uncontrollably, break out the anger, not to leave, but in healthy channeling before it accumulates in us and robbed us of clarity. The first step in the right direction is his mind clearly, objectively and firmly to represent. Anger takes us control of the situation and it takes enormous strength to be delivered to his moods. Think about how much energy a rage robs! “Anger management is to learn!” says Sandra Mehl, Naturopath for psychotherapy. Mrs. Mehl offers help for people who may never have learned with rage and frustration to bypass healthy in your practice. m hypnosis, Sandra flour, Naturopath for psychotherapy

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Surround Sound In Custom-made Discretion

Hearing ReSound live well with external mic ReSound hearing aid manufacturer expands its direction pointing hearing family ReSound live to more attractive offers. The new Hannah solutions that combine best speech understanding with excellent spatial hearing, are now available in two variants with paged microphone. ReSound live, introduced late last year in the German market, in particular impresses with its innovative surround sound, which gives people with a hearing loss the ability to be middle of the life. A series of scientific tests prove that the now featured custom-made solutions are conventional In the ear products not only in blatantly superior when it comes to sound and speech understanding, but also by its discreet design. The natural shape of our ear is exactly as designed in such a way that it promotes the understanding of spoken words”, so Dieter Fricke, Director of product management of the GN HEA-ring GmbH. thanks to intensive research is now able to exploit this fact for our latest hearing solutions consistently.

When the two new ReSound live hearing the microphone is placed discreetly in the Cymba. This guarantees a very natural listening experience. Because when compared to conventional IdO products this hearing a clear increase in directionality their carriers.” This is confirmed by a recent study. Sound detection tests compared traditional, high-quality sound systems with the new generation of hearing system with paged microphone. The latter could localize sounds with much greater precision. The perceived voice frequency range increased by 2 to 3 decibels. The speech grew 30 percent. Especially in conversations with several people, the carriers benefit from the innovative concept.

Also they are experiencing significant advantages in any wind noise”adds Dieter Fricke. Through the protected seat of the microphone this noise without additional signal processing are minimized. In our research 97 percent of the test subjects no longer felt affected by the wind.” Significantly smaller than traditional IM ear products ReSound live family ReSound live with paged microphone feature not only by speech intelligibility as well as natural sound experiences in surround sound but the new solutions. These bespoke systems are also significantly smaller than traditional IM ear products thanks to the outsourced microphone. The discrete case, which fits a size 312 battery, disappear almost invisibly in the ear canal. On request you can also with a particularly large ventilation hole for an open”care are provided. Live are suitable ReSound with an external microphone for first-time users as well as for wearers who want better sound quality and a more discreet appearance. Benefit also hearing reduced people, comparable to small products due to a strong loss of hearing or to more closely Ear canals are not suitable. Thanks to ReSound live nine out of ten people can benefit immediately from the advantages of a supply of external microphone”, so Dieter Fricke concluded. This new generation of individually crafted sound systems is a real innovation. Unse-ren lets partners in the acoustics specialist they provide the optimal listening experience without compromising even more customers.” Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

The pain medicine leads so far argumentatively pain memory, if an explanation shall be given, that the goal of treating chronic pain does not “get away”, but relief and boost the quality of life is or if the compliance of the patient are strengthened to evoke not more chronicity (and thus the progression of neuro-plastic changes). So far it has been but no concept to change the memory of pain. It lacked a causal treatment approach to chronic pain. That has changed with the introduction of the modern non-invasive neuro-modulation method, the repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) and Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS = transcranial direct current stimulation). While the rTMS in pain therapeutic practice mainly in somatisierter anxiety and depression used an increasingly wide application is emerging for the tDCS. So far mainly patients treated with migraine and Fibromyalgia so, the stand-alone picture of “chronic pain illness” puts more and more in the center of the treatment indications now. How does so a treatment practically? Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) can be about liquid-wetted surface electrodes (35 square inches) with a current up to 2 mA intrakraniell a sufficient flow achieve, to bring about shifts in the threshold of excitability. He even subliminal and is able to trigger still no neuronal action potentials.

Perceived only a light sparkling of the scalp. Basic mechanism of tDCS is a resting membrane potential shift of cortical neurons, depending on the polarity of stimulation in the direction of hyper – or depolarisierender. This in turn changes the discharge behavior: by anodale irritation, the cortical excitability is increased by kathodale reduced. Daily zwanzigminutiger stimulation duration for at least 5 days these changes stop at longer time, which can be interpreted, that fade perception shares from the memory of the pain. Embedded in a multimodal treatment principle, which helps prevent further chronic can be thereby sustainably improve the treatment success.

If not all details of this new process have been resolved, so can be established with certainty, but that the Transcranial stimulation represents a simple method for generating neuroplasticity low DC. It allows the noninvasive, painless, focal, selective and reversible changes in cortical excitability threshold being the length and intensity modulated.

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Thyroid: Not Every Fish

Expert in an interview on the occasion of the day of the thyroid of butterflies e.V. in Essen still prevails in Germany a lack of iodine, while the supply has certainly improved over the last few decades. However, the iodine deficiency in addition to an inherited predisposition is to as the main reason for thyroid disease, such as the radiologist PD Dr. Detlef Moka from Essen in an interview with the online health magazine reported In a natural way is to take iodine, was but not so easy. Go let’s out of them, that we want to eat iodine 100 micrograms, then one can say only time principle: fish should be on the menu. But there are definitely differences.

If you eat raw E.g. haddock, you need only 25 grams, to reach this amount”, as Moka. However, it is sometimes very difficult to absorb enough iodine from food. Freshwater fish that look is different. How much you would have to eat such as trout on the same amount of iodine to get, why is Cigarette smoke can affect adversely on the development of the thyroid gland and read why pregnant women need more iodine, in the lengthy interview: interview/schilddruese_jodmangel_moka.php is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising.

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Geratherm Medical AG

Excellent innovation apoplex medical technologies is awarded several times for the groundbreaking procedure, which now also internationally applied, among other things with the “KKH-innovation award”, the “innovation award Rhineland-Palatinate” and most recently in the contest “ICT and gender Med.NRW”. “In Germany alone more than 250,000 people suffer a stroke each year. A large part of it could be avoided today. Our process is targeting against this background not only avoiding personal suffering – is also a health-economic aspect to prevention”, emphasized Albert Hirtz, Managing Director of apoplex medical technologies GmbH.”To think is here among other things to the effort for the primary and secondary care of patients, but also in the economic sense of the loss your hand.” Pirmasens as preferred site apoplexy of medical technologies was founded in 2004 in Pirmasens and today is the daughter listed Geratherm Medical AG. The development as well as the services of the ECG screenings take place in the West Palatinate town. Because the SRA services handled Internet-based and location-independent, Managing Director Albert Hirtz could freely choose the location.

His commitment to Pirmasens: “here we have met best conditions already at the start, for example, in relation to space and infrastructure. You can feel a remarkable willingness to support start-up companies in dealing with the authorities very quickly. Alone the management response times are shorter in comparison to those of the classical urban centers a lot.” Albert Hirtz shows also convinced by the location in the triangle of the universities and colleges of Pirmasens, Kaiserslautern and Zweibrucken. “Here we can find new qualified employees, but also by the high quality of life in the beautiful natural environment of the Palatine forest benefit. In addition a very cheap prices, the purchase of residential property promotes, which benefit many young families in the region.” While he sees the South West of the Republic, near the French border, is by no means as locational disadvantage.

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Magnetic Bracelet Effect

You are wondering how the effects of magnetic bracelets is actually? Unbelievable, but true! In medicine, it is often said that only the placebo effect is responsible, for the success of the effect of magnetic jewelry. But in a study of Britain’s the healing magnetic bracelet has been clearly demonstrated effect. The result was that the pain of 194 patients osteoarthritis was greatly relieved. The bracelets have considerably reduced the painful joint inflammation. Each patient was wearing a magnetic bracelet, using three different types of bracelet for 12 weeks. A subset of patients got very strong magnetic bracelet, a part of very weak bracelets and another part with metal rings were fitted which had absolutely no effect that the patients did not know. The patients described the history and the strength of osteoarthritis pain down.

The strength is critical. When you were over 12 weeks, the notes were compared with each other. All patients had pain relief by wearing a bracelet. The a third of patients, which the strong Magnet bore, showed a much stronger relief of their pain than patients with the weak or no magnetic bracelets. This result is not bound, to the ingestion of painkillers or the placebo effect because all patients took pills and even a less part believed that the magnetic bracelet. The results was also noted, the minimum thickness of the magnets is necessary to activate the healing process. The study found that you should use magnetic bracelets, Gauss (magnetic thickness measurement), exceeds 1800.

So is guaranteed for a more effective impact. The research team for arthritis of Great Britain, was easy just thrilled by the results of the study, however, they are still very careful with the announcement of the impact effect of magnetic bracelets, because they want to wait on more long-term research results. The physical effect of magnetic jewelry: Effect of the magnetic bracelets can be excellent. Here an example video: everyone has has around 70 trillion Body cells. Most cells are responsible for the supply of energy in our body. They do this by adding nutrients and oxygen which are then transformed into energy strength. The magnetic field of the Earth and also our own magnetic field, is extremely important for this process. But when our magnetic field is not stable, this process is slow and ineffective. This makes the entire body weaker and pathogens have an easy game. A disturbed or become weak magnetic field, the cell replacement is not more optimally replaced, weakened the body and is more susceptible to diseases. Today, we are surrounded by all possible electrical interference fields (mobile, Wi-Fi, socket), our own body’s magnetic field affect. However, magnets can help by protecting the body’s magnetic field. When the exchange of cells is low, the walls of the arteries fill up with water, everything narrows itself and the platelets slowly getting ahead. Through this, the platelets stick together and roll phenomenon arises. The platelets take up only a small portion of oxygen and nutrients. When it enters into force, it is the lack of supply of cells and they can reproduce very difficult. Cure serious wounds and diseases be tackled only slowly. Using magnets, wipe up walls of arteries leave the water out of the cells, the result is more space again and platelets dissolve again each other. The healing process to function correctly. You want to know more about the magnetic bracelet effect?

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