Anger Management

Dealing with anger and aggression of healthy grief, joy or anxiety are feelings that we encounter again and again in the course of life. It is healthy to exercise these emotions and communicate. In the above examples, it is usually completely in order to formulate them and “live”. However, how it looks with hatred, anger and aggression? These forms of emotion are not acceptable in many cultures, as well as in our. We suppress them, because it would be a sign of abandon to give in to the anger. So more and more aggression in us accumulates at, the consequence is constant irritability, resentment, bitterness, and finally depression. But although some people feel uncomfortable when he gets angry, expressed anger at the right time in the right place is justified something absolutely liberating, even positive. To bring snacks on the Palm? Then, take a step back mentally in this situation, look at the situation.

If you question why you react so violently the chance rises to the real causes behind it recognize. Anger management means uncontrollably, break out the anger, not to leave, but in healthy channeling before it accumulates in us and robbed us of clarity. The first step in the right direction is his mind clearly, objectively and firmly to represent. Anger takes us control of the situation and it takes enormous strength to be delivered to his moods. Think about how much energy a rage robs! “Anger management is to learn!” says Sandra Mehl, Naturopath for psychotherapy. Mrs. Mehl offers help for people who may never have learned with rage and frustration to bypass healthy in your practice. m hypnosis, Sandra flour, Naturopath for psychotherapy

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Friday, April 24th, 2020 News