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The Directions

Of surprise, to a long moan of satisfaction alone I can answer of a form: to penetrate inside deeper of it. It could pressentir without it, this was the signal to pursue me. Milking me vigorously, the goat laughs and sings, triumphant. Meanwhile, all my retesa body if and estremece, violently shaken for diluvianas waters. Proud, it makes me to ache, but my mouth, driven crazy, continues to dilatar itself. Exausta, incapable to run away, I immobilize myself completely. It moves, rummages? she walks yourself for a forest to the first hours of the morning, in search of impensveis spaces.

I, for its delight, almost leave myself to kill. Not supporting plus such assaults dissolving without me in its hands, I beg to it that if it comes. – Of – me yours leitinho, wanted. That one that sara my wounds. But it says me that he is quietinha inside of it, to use to advantage to the maximum the pleasure that I give to it. She passes an eternity where desperation. But here it is that my dedinhos, dormentes martirizados ones, see to emerge of its meat a multiplicity of small balls. It is Nephentes, the terrible carnivorous plant of the wet tropical forests, that if contracts and it undoes me the phalanxes? She loosens and she becomes to contract itself? Finally, freeing an only delayed ecstasy shout, the woman catches in my hand and removes it of inside of itself.

In the following instant, taken for one frenesi to make envy to the devil, it turns me it places me of knees again, the tail stuck in air, extracting of its flower a honeycomb, of that the women only have, with which sara my wounds. In vacant of rhythmic espasmos, all the muscles retesam if me and surprising explosions of energy cross me the body in all the directions. With teeth, apanha me an ear and says me it the ear that almost I jam it the fingers. In it washes burning hot, I break in the confines other world world. E, under the skin in flames, exaggerated, my heart beats with difficulties. I know that it stows to the side of the death. An incommensurable space elapses where in them we keep falls, interlaced, to go down the land, times later, with hen skin. We cover ourselves, then, with the edredo, and make use ourselves to sleep it, but the animal continues to the watch, soon to start to uivar. There it are, shines the sun of Winter.


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Geratherm Medical AG

Excellent innovation apoplex medical technologies is awarded several times for the groundbreaking procedure, which now also internationally applied, among other things with the “KKH-innovation award”, the “innovation award Rhineland-Palatinate” and most recently in the contest “ICT and gender Med.NRW”. “In Germany alone more than 250,000 people suffer a stroke each year. A large part of it could be avoided today. Our process is targeting against this background not only avoiding personal suffering – is also a health-economic aspect to prevention”, emphasized Albert Hirtz, Managing Director of apoplex medical technologies GmbH.”To think is here among other things to the effort for the primary and secondary care of patients, but also in the economic sense of the loss your hand.” Pirmasens as preferred site apoplexy of medical technologies was founded in 2004 in Pirmasens and today is the daughter listed Geratherm Medical AG. The development as well as the services of the ECG screenings take place in the West Palatinate town. Because the SRA services handled Internet-based and location-independent, Managing Director Albert Hirtz could freely choose the location.

His commitment to Pirmasens: “here we have met best conditions already at the start, for example, in relation to space and infrastructure. You can feel a remarkable willingness to support start-up companies in dealing with the authorities very quickly. Alone the management response times are shorter in comparison to those of the classical urban centers a lot.” Albert Hirtz shows also convinced by the location in the triangle of the universities and colleges of Pirmasens, Kaiserslautern and Zweibrucken. “Here we can find new qualified employees, but also by the high quality of life in the beautiful natural environment of the Palatine forest benefit. In addition a very cheap prices, the purchase of residential property promotes, which benefit many young families in the region.” While he sees the South West of the Republic, near the French border, is by no means as locational disadvantage.

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CTP Quot

What will protect the hull, CTP, "Green Card" Since March this year, an inspector will require that the "young" drivers, whose experience is not preyshaet 2 years, stuck on the rear window of their cars special character "for student the wheel. " This innovation, in their opinion, could reduce the accident rate on roads. In fact, the road is often unpredictable and can happen anything. Therefore, at this auto insurance market – one of the the most developed. CTP – compulsory insurance of civil liability.

Avtograzhdanki – this is something without which the road in principle forbidden to travel. After all, as the government forces, without exception, all owners Car buying such policies, the CTP and the rates are regulated by the government. Significant difference between the insurance company is not: the price of all the same, and choosing an insurer, is to rely on personal experience, the experience of friends or on the opinions of experts who will help you figure out a long list of those companies. However, competition in the insurance market, insurers are in a variety of tricks: they can not make too huge discounts on policies, but they may offer you additional services. For example, a free emergency Departure Commissioner at the accident scene. (Some insurance brokers offer this service as another collection of documents). Various additional Services mozhug However, this method currently cheaper policy by CTP, a ride without crashing! According to the "avtograzhdanki" currently operates common to all insurance companies Discount system with a funny name "bonus-malus". Than more years do you go without crashing, so accordingly you have to pay less for the policy next year. By the way, from March 1, motorists are not insured bydutoraschatsya for the insurance company accident culprit as it was before, and in their own. It should also remind you that CTP does not offset the cost of repairing your car if an accident happens on your own fault.


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Director Cooperations

Jana Kusick is immediately responsible for the development and expansion of the mobile area, as well as for the acquisition and maintenance of strategic partnerships in roof and international Berlin, April 24, 2012 – Jana Kusick, previously head of Publisher sales, takes over immediately, the position of the Director cooperations at the online & mobile advertising network of plista GmbH. In this newly created role, Kusick assumes overall responsibility for the development and expansion of the range of strategic partnerships in the online as well as in the area of mobile. Parallel, she supervised the strategic planning and coordination of all international activities in the field of Vermarkter-and publisher partnerships. In the framework of the new challenge Kusick is, along with Dirk Schacht, the Director of sales, the mobile team increase to develop the mobile network with a powerful unit. In close cooperation with the Management Board Kusick will be responsible also for entry into new markets, for example in Spain and France. Before taking over the role of the Director Coorporations was Kusick as head of Publisher sales among other things for the customer care and the acquisition of Publisher in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland responsible.

Since joining plista in February 2010 Kusick has built up many collaborations, including with United Internet media, OMS, Axel Springer, Burda, and interactive media. “Jana Kusick has created a strong foundation in the area of sales through their exemplary leadership and their in-depth knowledge of the market, and is exactly the right person to promote our vision and new projects. We look forward to the expansion into other markets and on the development of the area mobile under her leadership as Director cooperations “, so Dr. Dominik Matyka, founder and CEO of plista GmbH. plista GmbH: with over 70 employees an online & mobile advertising network operates plista since 2009 and offers innovative advertising formats in the fields of text/image, video and display/IAB all of them suitable for performance and branding advertising.” Website operators offering plista the ability to integrate of these advertising formats and This creates additional premium advertising inventory. Thousands Premium Web sites in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, France, Spain, and Slovenia setting technology plista.

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