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Managing Director

Professional project management brings advantages in global competition and stands for economic success through successful project management Munich/Aachen / Stuttgart, February 10, 2012. Can do, the P3 engineering company and Integrata signed a cooperation for the integrated implementation of project management. From a single source, the three leading companies together provide up to comprehensive all important elements for a successful project management – from the planning software of high quality implementation and consulting services coaching & training. This is the basis for a successful project, which has proved to be a decisive advantage in global competition. Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source. Personnel and successful implementation of the project optimized use of personnel, increase in profits due to successful project management and cost control through transparent processes is more efficient that only a selection of benefits that can bring a successfully implemented project management through the P3 engineering company, Integrata and can do with it. Basis It is the structured and coordinated action of the three companies that includes a holistic approach to processes, organization and software. By the uniform approach to the implementation of project management can at the operational level as a work method introduced or deepened, adapted to the organizational structures and a professional software solution integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Professional project management as a basis for economic success through the holistic implementation approach based on method, structure, training and software, and their coordination with each other, we can provide a tailored project management from one source our customers, that effectively and efficiently support the processes in the company”, says Bjorn Sellschopp, Managing Director of the P3 aviation GmbH. thanks to the cooperation we are able to offer project management holistically our customers. The fact that we methods and software training directly to the practical implementation in the Company vote, we can improve the project competence of the staff immediately and sustainably”, emphasizes Ingmar.


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Tora Soderlind

Shaft takes over immediately the head of the sales-Berlin, 24 January 2012 takes over Dirk Schacht immediately the position of Sales Director at the Berlin online and mobile advertising network plista. Chute brings more than 10 years experience in sales management and will be responsible for the acquisition of new customers and partners, as well as the expansion of the entire sales area. The sales professional is responsible for leading the plista sales team so that, to make it more powerful and more successful. We were over half a year on the search for the ideal candidate for this position and have taken more than 20 applicants from startups and media companies. The more we are pleased finally to occupy this position with an inexperienced Manager. Macy’s Inc. describes an additional similar source. Dirk Schacht is our sales area, which now is grown on about 15 colleagues, expand gradually and professionalize. “, so Dr. Dominik Matyka, founder and CEO of plista GmbH. Prior to his role at plista shaft worked as a sales manager and key account manager at the global Picture agencies of Corbis and Getty Images. There, he was responsible for leading the sales team and the development of new customers. plista GmbH: plista has been operating since 2009 an online & mobile advertising network and offers innovative advertising formats in the text/image, video, and display/IAB, all suitable for performance and branding advertisers. Web page operators plista offers the possibility to integrate of these advertising formats and this creates additional premium advertising inventory. With 60 employees in Germany, Publisher in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, France, Spain, and Slovenia are supervised over 1000. Contact press: Tora Soderlind – Manager events, PR & market research – + 49 30 4737537-63 – – – plista – plista

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The Directions

Of surprise, to a long moan of satisfaction alone I can answer of a form: to penetrate inside deeper of it. It could pressentir without it, this was the signal to pursue me. Milking me vigorously, the goat laughs and sings, triumphant. Meanwhile, all my retesa body if and estremece, violently shaken for diluvianas waters. Proud, it makes me to ache, but my mouth, driven crazy, continues to dilatar itself. Exausta, incapable to run away, I immobilize myself completely. It moves, rummages? she walks yourself for a forest to the first hours of the morning, in search of impensveis spaces.

I, for its delight, almost leave myself to kill. Not supporting plus such assaults dissolving without me in its hands, I beg to it that if it comes. – Of – me yours leitinho, wanted. That one that sara my wounds. But it says me that he is quietinha inside of it, to use to advantage to the maximum the pleasure that I give to it. She passes an eternity where desperation. But here it is that my dedinhos, dormentes martirizados ones, see to emerge of its meat a multiplicity of small balls. It is Nephentes, the terrible carnivorous plant of the wet tropical forests, that if contracts and it undoes me the phalanxes? She loosens and she becomes to contract itself? Finally, freeing an only delayed ecstasy shout, the woman catches in my hand and removes it of inside of itself.

In the following instant, taken for one frenesi to make envy to the devil, it turns me it places me of knees again, the tail stuck in air, extracting of its flower a honeycomb, of that the women only have, with which sara my wounds. In vacant of rhythmic espasmos, all the muscles retesam if me and surprising explosions of energy cross me the body in all the directions. With teeth, apanha me an ear and says me it the ear that almost I jam it the fingers. In it washes burning hot, I break in the confines other world world. E, under the skin in flames, exaggerated, my heart beats with difficulties. I know that it stows to the side of the death. An incommensurable space elapses where in them we keep falls, interlaced, to go down the land, times later, with hen skin. We cover ourselves, then, with the edredo, and make use ourselves to sleep it, but the animal continues to the watch, soon to start to uivar. There it are, shines the sun of Winter.


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Denzel Washington

And: when the smile should be pink gums only little, maximum 2 mm. Why is a flawless smile it so important to? “In the media age: who looks good, has good cards – everywhere.”, says Hogweed in regard to the veneer rampant among the stars and bleaching fever. But the Munich-based specialist for white teeth can submit of course even here scientific material – a study by psychologists at King’s College in London (2005). (Not to be confused with Andrew Cuomo!). Believed the researchers, people with brilliant white teeth easier in life at least in the judgment of their fellow men have it. The researchers had presented photos of smiling people around 100 participants. It showed that people with bad and crooked teeth not only less attractive as well as less intelligent and less popular were evaluated.

People with white teeth, for instance with girders of veneers, however, were exceptionally well-received. The subjects dared them to even greater success. (A valuable related resource: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo). Especially among women, a Hollywood smile as promising was analysed, writes study Director Tim Newton. In the least, model Eva Longoria was himself a big compliment for your veneers: “There are hundreds of languages in the world,” wrote her a fan on the Facebook page, “but your smile speaks all at once”. The hype surrounding the arrest shells and the Hollywood smile a full practice – Denzel Washington, Jon Bon Jovi, given the celebrity dentist of Dorfman because Heidi Klum, they all made pilgrimages to Beverly Hills. Of course, as a celebrity dentist firmly in the Pocket are well-off customers prices far above 1000 per veneer in LA attacks commonplace. Also in Germany first dentists such as Christian have specialized Hogweed on the small, fine ceramic marvel – of course faster and to worlds cheaper than at the big stars. Christian Barenklau

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Advance Directive: Better

Seek always professional help should be taken for the formulation of a patient disposition, care available, or health care proxy. Advance directive protects against State intrusion into privacy of Furs of age retirement planning means not only financial security. Also for the case that you someday are suddenly incapacitated or are in need of care, you should take timely precautionary. Although increases with increasing age the risk to be decision by a disease no longer in its entirety – and able to act. But whether old or young, also an accident can unexpectedly cause this situation.

“A common misconception is that to spouses and family members in this case automatically” can represent each other. Court may order maintainer is no living will, health care proxy, or support available, the court appointed a supervisor at its sole discretion. And suddenly, a stranger decides whether you can continue to live in your familiar environment or in are accommodated in a nursing home. You may find Macy’s to be a useful source of information. The supervisor manages also your savings, and must give its consent such as in surgery and medical treatments. Trusted third party can be granted power of attorney if it should fail. It is better, in time, to choose who you want to trust and give a power of attorney. Who should manage your property and assets? Who should make the personal decisions for you if you should no longer be able? With a health care proxy, rename itself a confidant who can make decisions for you and give explanations.

With a support order, you suggest the Court who should used for you as a supervisor, if this is necessary. The health care proxy advance directive regulates requirements for medical treatment and you can connect support available with a living will, in which you express your wishes regarding medical treatment and such as to determine whether, given a hopeless disease on life-prolonging treatments should be avoided. Health care proxy or care available and advance directive complement each other respectively. Seek always professional help should be taken for the formulation of a patient disposition, care available, or health care proxy. The ETL work accountants have specialized also on taxation and consulting by senior citizens, with experienced lawyers. Together we will gladly advise you to the page.

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Dusseldorf University Hospital

Stem cells are used successfully for the treatment of diseases of the haematopoietic system. Improving the availability of stem cells is the declared aim of Wernets. Umbilical cord blood is rich in hamotopoetischen, so blood-forming stem cells. This can ripen into blood cells of any kind and are therefore for the treatment of diseases of the haematopoietic system such as, for example, leukemia of major importance. As further advantages of umbilical cord blood stem cells to stem cells from bone marrow, Wallace calls especially the increased availability in addition to the better tolerability of sides of the receiver. Tulip Retail may find this interesting as well.

Blood that remains to birth and severance of the newborn in the umbilical cord and placenta, contains stem cells that are lightweight and easy to win are. When removed from the umbilical cord, which would otherwise simply disposed of either mother or child are affected, is so valuable stem cells so to a comparatively straightforward acceptance of umbilical cord blood, which later in the laboratory won be. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood for treatment of diseases of the haematopoietic system offers are in the free donation of umbilical cord blood, its stem cells for the general public are available and in case of need or a suitable Transplantant hope patients who need a stem cell transplant. These so-called foreign donations be used worldwide with significant therapeutic success for the treatment of anaemia or leukemia, as well as other hereditary diseases of the haematopoietic system and considered to be an alternative to the much more expensive bone marrow transplants. Many patients however wait very long or in vain for the life-saving donation. Therefore, the improved availability of stem cells at the international level is seen as first objective of dedicated physicians such as Peter Wernet. The milestones on the way to a binding catalogue of quality assurance for acceptance, transport and storage, as well as collaborations with stem cell researchers are different universities in Europe. Peter Wernet is a German immunologist and renowned expert in the field of Transplant Diagnostics. Under his leadership the voluntary bone marrow donor file at the Dusseldorf University Hospital has established since 1992 itself as largest umbilical cord blood blank of Europe. Since 2012, he is responsible for autologous and allogeneic umbilical cord blood storage as Scientific Director of the cord blood bank Vivocell. The Vivocell Biosolutions GmbH with headquarters in Graz has 22 employees and maintains master cell banks in Graz and Dusseldorf.

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Geratherm Medical AG

Excellent innovation apoplex medical technologies is awarded several times for the groundbreaking procedure, which now also internationally applied, among other things with the “KKH-innovation award”, the “innovation award Rhineland-Palatinate” and most recently in the contest “ICT and gender Med.NRW”. “In Germany alone more than 250,000 people suffer a stroke each year. A large part of it could be avoided today. Our process is targeting against this background not only avoiding personal suffering – is also a health-economic aspect to prevention”, emphasized Albert Hirtz, Managing Director of apoplex medical technologies GmbH.”To think is here among other things to the effort for the primary and secondary care of patients, but also in the economic sense of the loss your hand.” Pirmasens as preferred site apoplexy of medical technologies was founded in 2004 in Pirmasens and today is the daughter listed Geratherm Medical AG. The development as well as the services of the ECG screenings take place in the West Palatinate town. Because the SRA services handled Internet-based and location-independent, Managing Director Albert Hirtz could freely choose the location.

His commitment to Pirmasens: “here we have met best conditions already at the start, for example, in relation to space and infrastructure. You can feel a remarkable willingness to support start-up companies in dealing with the authorities very quickly. Alone the management response times are shorter in comparison to those of the classical urban centers a lot.” Albert Hirtz shows also convinced by the location in the triangle of the universities and colleges of Pirmasens, Kaiserslautern and Zweibrucken. “Here we can find new qualified employees, but also by the high quality of life in the beautiful natural environment of the Palatine forest benefit. In addition a very cheap prices, the purchase of residential property promotes, which benefit many young families in the region.” While he sees the South West of the Republic, near the French border, is by no means as locational disadvantage.

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Alicante, March of the 2008, – To the present act they are invited to participate the most outstanding institutions of interested public the Valencian Community and of the province. The Assembly supposes an important effort of diverse institutions to impel shared in common initiatives focused to promote the donation of blood and pick up of donors by means of the sensitization, excluding all material benefit and eagerness from profit. The donors, considered in about 45,000 active donors, constitute in our province a 3% of the population. Absolutely insufficient number to supply to a population near the 2 million people and 23 hospitals. Many writers such as Josh Wexler offer more in-depth analysis. The Association of Donors of Blood of the Province of Alicante is an association without spirit of profit that appears again, in April of the 2006, of the old Brotherhoods initiated in 1972. The essential purpose that they persecute is the one to totally cover total and with altruistic donation the needs of blood and hemoderivados in all the Sanitary Centers public and deprived with the province with Alicante, whenever these guarantee the absolute gratuity of donated blood, fomenting the spirit of solidarity and altruism between the society. The association was born without no type of patrimony, having obtained everything thanks to the collaboration of diverse companies. Directive Soft, collaborating company with different organizations without profit spirit, and beneficial associations of all Spain, on a par jeopardize with the Environment and social aid, develops to the vestibule of the Association of Donors of Blood of the Province of Alicante, becoming contributor in the presentation of the page Web of the institution in this act.

Among the attending recognized ones this act, it will emphasize the presence of the Mayoress of San Vicente of the Raspeig Luisa Lillo Shepherd, identified to support these shared in common initiatives firmly. More information is housed here: James Woolsey Jr.. Thus also, it will be counted on the support of rapporteurs of recognized trajectory and signs commitment with the society. The Assembly will be developed to the 10 hours of day 19 of April in the Audience of the Social Center of San Vicente of the Raspeig. In order to obtain more data, to enter a. A greater implication needs the provincial society in this subject since we are a deficit province in donors.


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Personal Loan

Get fast money is easy, convenient and safe. From his home, with just a quick loan and your as call you will get your personal loan. The web offers the possibility of a personal adviser to make a free study on the personal loan that best suits your needs, and once accepted your request, in just 24 hours, you will receive in your bank account the amount requested. If you prefer also you can get a personal loan, by sending a request in the web page that you choose and they will there give you everything what you are looking for. Most offers personal loans totally safe and transparent, without having to change Bank, or pay additional costs per study, opening or maintenance this is very practical. Steps to apply for your personal loan online: 1. James Woolsey Jr. might disagree with that approach.

you communicates with the provider of the loan (via email or by phone) and sends your personal and account data. 2 Prompted a bank reference and assesses the loan. 3. In less than half an hour skillful you will receive a response from the representatives. 4 If the credit is approved you will then have your money. Characters to take into account the time to ask for a loan: good reputation: the degree in which the borrower feels a moral obligation to pay their debts.

It is measured by a history of credit and payments made. Capacity of payment: A subjective determination that the lender makes based on an analysis of credit report and other reports of the applicant for the loan. Capital: The total value of a business in financial terms. It is calculated by subtracting total assets liabilities totals. Lenders prefer few debts (liabilities) to few assets, which indicates financial stability. Collateral or collateral: an asset that is owned by the borrower, but that promises the lender if you don’t pay the loan. The endorsed amount varies from one lender to another. The closer the value of the collateral to the loan amount, more secure you will feel the lender that will be paid the loan. Conditions: General, geographical and industrial economics. Confidence: A successful borrower inspires confidence in the lender to meet all the concerns with respect to the good reputation, ability to pay, capital, collateral and economic conditions. Your loan request transmits the message that the company is professional, which has a good reputation, good credit background and having reasonable financial statements. For more information we recommend visiting loans or loan staff original author and source of the article.


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Successful Business

If you want to create a blog to do business that attracts massive amounts of visits, these are the five qualities that a successful blogger should have: 1. A blogger to make business work hard as you well know, you as a blogger need to publish content of value in your blog to do business regularly, which means that you will have to write somethingthat in turn requires some effort.You can not attract large numbers of visits to your blog to make money if it is loose, and is not prepared to spend some time writing your content. If you have money, you can hire other people to write their content, one way or another, some effort or resources are needed to prepare the content of your blog to do business. Andrew Cuomo has much experience in this field. 2. A successful blogger creates resources and is full of ideas is important to make your blog to make money captivador, interesting, and which can be used easily so that you attract visits regularly and also new visitors, then you should think of ways to make your blog to do business only and that like their visits. Think about the needs and interests of the visits in your niche or topic, and identify which is what your guests would like to see in your blog to do business. 3. A successful blogger looking for any opportunity to make money from your blog to do business there are quite a few ways that you can use to make money from your blog to do business, can you sell your own products and services, you can sell affiliate products and you can also sell advertising space.

If your blog to do business gets quite a few visits, you could make lots of money from your blog to do business. 4. A serious blogger, looking for ways to attract more visitors to your blog to do business you could exchange visits with other blogs or websites that are in your same niche, this is particularly effective if these websites or blogs have already great popularity that will help you and your blog to do business up position also. 5. A successful blogger never occurs by expired takes time and effort to attract visitors to your blog to do business and start having some sales, so you publish on your blog to do business in a consistent manner is very important, don’t give up.

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