The Directions

Of surprise, to a long moan of satisfaction alone I can answer of a form: to penetrate inside deeper of it. It could pressentir without it, this was the signal to pursue me. Milking me vigorously, the goat laughs and sings, triumphant. Meanwhile, all my retesa body if and estremece, violently shaken for diluvianas waters. Proud, it makes me to ache, but my mouth, driven crazy, continues to dilatar itself. Exausta, incapable to run away, I immobilize myself completely. It moves, rummages? she walks yourself for a forest to the first hours of the morning, in search of impensveis spaces.

I, for its delight, almost leave myself to kill. Not supporting plus such assaults dissolving without me in its hands, I beg to it that if it comes. – Of – me yours leitinho, wanted. That one that sara my wounds. But it says me that he is quietinha inside of it, to use to advantage to the maximum the pleasure that I give to it. She passes an eternity where desperation. But here it is that my dedinhos, dormentes martirizados ones, see to emerge of its meat a multiplicity of small balls. It is Nephentes, the terrible carnivorous plant of the wet tropical forests, that if contracts and it undoes me the phalanxes? She loosens and she becomes to contract itself? Finally, freeing an only delayed ecstasy shout, the woman catches in my hand and removes it of inside of itself.

In the following instant, taken for one frenesi to make envy to the devil, it turns me it places me of knees again, the tail stuck in air, extracting of its flower a honeycomb, of that the women only have, with which sara my wounds. In vacant of rhythmic espasmos, all the muscles retesam if me and surprising explosions of energy cross me the body in all the directions. With teeth, apanha me an ear and says me it the ear that almost I jam it the fingers. In it washes burning hot, I break in the confines other world world. E, under the skin in flames, exaggerated, my heart beats with difficulties. I know that it stows to the side of the death. An incommensurable space elapses where in them we keep falls, interlaced, to go down the land, times later, with hen skin. We cover ourselves, then, with the edredo, and make use ourselves to sleep it, but the animal continues to the watch, soon to start to uivar. There it are, shines the sun of Winter.


Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 News