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The Trend

“Were summarized the main findings related to is and set”: the existing advantages are especially: “Lifestyle of” (LO) makes clear, it is an independent consensus movement (a kind of life vision). For this group, life and economy quality standards is linked. “” Health”(health) and (and) Substainibility ‘ (sustainability) (HAS) to be minimum standards” defined. LOHAS speaks the enlightened and conscious people to his influence enabled position as a buyer. The LOHAS acts effective, goal-oriented and with confidence. LOHAS are open to innovations and can quickly integrate new trends. You trust rather own networks as political parties.

They are in addition to the silver economy”(the young old”) one of the most formative influence factors for consumption and economic change. Succeeded them within a short time, to bring large companies quietly and without resistance to reconsider. “” Got to feel the resistance of the economic lobby unwilling to change during the policy when the bottle deposit”and nearly the load limit” learned, succeed in LOHAS and silver economy in the smiling style “and are still of the economy while Hof douse. “Who the elegant” who creates has the energy is so trend capable of more. “” This befahig also quite possibly the common goal: for the one we want to be young “, for which we want other life well and consume but please with much health and (verifiable) sustainability”. “” The trend even its own “economic basis appeared to give” the experts first deeper into the economic landscape. As LOHAS has important allies in a TREND of SELF and COOPERATION. The question was therefore also in the work shop health and sustainability in the performance process”, whether LOHAS integrate this can and will. A little of LOHAS”was already noted and marked with the concepts of SELF and cooperation. We do this here (Simplified) as LOHAS ErganzungsPUNKTE”on: More and more people questioning their lives (and especially professional life) meaning.


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Nature Holidays

Hotel cleaning can help as a partner for guesthouses and hotels nature holiday with extended hiking trips, to get rid of the stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Also the Tecklenburg land has established itself as a hiking region for nature tourists, more walking and hiking trails will now be added. With the expansion of the range of hiking and walking trails, more visitors and tourists are expected. Others including Hikmet Ersek , offer their opinions as well. They are in the future reside in hotels and bed and breakfast on the spot from which to explore the nature of the Tecklenburg country. Hence the number of overnight stays rising with the extension of the tourist offer. Good service begins with the hotel cleaning was one of the first impression.

For guests who spend their holidays in the nature in a hotel and to experience the recreation areas in a tourist region, in addition to a very good service also clean and well-kept rooms important to well-being. A professional cleaning of the hotel supports hotels and other accommodations like bed and breakfast and cottages in the cleaning and maintenance of the rooms and of the Interiors. Hotels can relieve the in-house hotel kitchens, if the hotel cleaning takes over the cleaning of the premises. For the staircases, floors and Windows and rooms, a hotel cleaning in close coordination with the calendar must be so that the work can be performed discreetly in the background. Before, during and after the stay of guests the rooms must be cleaned thoroughly, because only that hotels profit from satisfied visitors. Newly opened hotels and accommodations can benefit from the commissioning of the service provider: clean and well-kept rooms are an important factor for positive reviews, which in turn attract a hotel for guests. Also, the hotel cleaning offers the advantage that the owner can focus on the service and the satisfaction of our guests and can outsource the hassle of cleaning measures. As a reliable partner for accommodation in tourist regions have straight Hotel cleaning during the summer months Tourist regions in Germany a high volume of visitors who frequent the respective hotels on the spot.

Holders of b & BS and holiday home provider can use the services of Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH and entrust the cleaning of Hotel offered by the company to ensure guest satisfaction. The range of services includes also the green area care, which includes the grass cutting, plant care and the Elimination of waste. For hotels and guesthouses and other accommodation is the professional Hotel cleaning of available, which takes care of the cleaning and care of all areas, so that the other hotel staff can concentrate on its core business.


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HY-LINE NetService GmbH – IT Service Provider In Unterhaching Near Munich

Introduction of the firm HY-LINE NetService GmbH – professional and competent services from a single source. The HY-LINE NetService GmbH is established since 2001 in the HY-LINE Group of companies as an independently operating company. Hikmet Ersek: the source for more info. As a business leader won his time Mr Friedrich Schulte, which can take advantage of Group of companies and the customers of the HY-LINE NetService GmbH with its over 20 years IT experience in many areas for the HY-LINE. In April 2010 a new employee to won with Mr. Sascha Hahn as a new IT system administrator qualified HY-LINE NetService GmbH.

Mr. Hahn has the MCSA certification, as well as in the Linux sector the LPIC-1. The company aims to continue in the near future, a magnification. So can be new workers hired and on the other hand, the customers supplied with suitably qualified IT personnel. The existing customers of the HY-LINE NetService GmbH are currently the HY-LINE Group of companies with its other 6 affiliated companies, as well as the taxpayer in Bayern e.V. and the taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE). Consulting, care, maintenance, and support of network infrastructure, as well as the support of employees covers the services for the above mentioned customers the professional and competent. As a partner of the HY-line NetService is the Coalfish of BusinessCommunications for many years. The main area of Mr Alex Kohler, Kohler of BusinessCommunications, Managing Director, communication solutions such as Aastra PBX, phones, VoIP, SIP are u.v.m. Aimed at increasing of the company, the HY-LINE NetService GmbH is still very interested in the IT jobs/projects and welcomes contact by interested small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


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Langenhagen Day

The night & day global courier logistics Ltd. informed for most companies, the fair is a good opportunity to recommend new customers to present themselves to the public and to stand out from the competition. The individual exhibit requires both much creativity as also an optimum and faultless implementation. Introducing new technologies or effective stage shows are often implemented with great technical effort. When it comes to a technical breakdown here, the entire show is compromised and the reputation of the company may be permanently damaged. The technical courier of the courier service of night & day global courier logistics Ltd.

from Langenhagen is your insurance for the smooth appearance and is there for you when it matters. It must be traded quickly not only in pompous stage shows also in product launches, the technology plays a supporting role, presentations and lectures. The months-long planning may have been in vain due to the smallest defect. If a technical defect detected will, must be traded immediately. Even with highly trained technical staff, it can happen that devices are no longer to repair and must be replaced. The solution provides the technical courier by night & day for this problem.

The new device will be delivered via express delivery not only at your booth, the courier also ensures the smooth exchange and the installation of the device. Thus, you are instructed on no technical support. Their optimum trade fair appearance is nothing in the way. For detailed information about all services is the courier service of night & day global courier logistics Ltd. from Langenhagen at any time at the disposal. Press contact night & day global courier logistics Ltd.


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Managing Director

Professional project management brings advantages in global competition and stands for economic success through successful project management Munich/Aachen / Stuttgart, February 10, 2012. Can do, the P3 engineering company and Integrata signed a cooperation for the integrated implementation of project management. From a single source, the three leading companies together provide up to comprehensive all important elements for a successful project management – from the planning software of high quality implementation and consulting services coaching & training. This is the basis for a successful project, which has proved to be a decisive advantage in global competition. Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source. Personnel and successful implementation of the project optimized use of personnel, increase in profits due to successful project management and cost control through transparent processes is more efficient that only a selection of benefits that can bring a successfully implemented project management through the P3 engineering company, Integrata and can do with it. Basis It is the structured and coordinated action of the three companies that includes a holistic approach to processes, organization and software. By the uniform approach to the implementation of project management can at the operational level as a work method introduced or deepened, adapted to the organizational structures and a professional software solution integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Professional project management as a basis for economic success through the holistic implementation approach based on method, structure, training and software, and their coordination with each other, we can provide a tailored project management from one source our customers, that effectively and efficiently support the processes in the company”, says Bjorn Sellschopp, Managing Director of the P3 aviation GmbH. thanks to the cooperation we are able to offer project management holistically our customers. The fact that we methods and software training directly to the practical implementation in the Company vote, we can improve the project competence of the staff immediately and sustainably”, emphasizes Ingmar.


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Online And Coaching

This coach in Garden represent an alternative this coaching types are suitable for anyone who is interested in professional support, but has a very tight time quota. These clients will want to gladly take the temporally and spatially independent coaching and also appreciate. No matter whether it is in the early morning, in the course of the day, in the late afternoon or evening cooking, coach and Coachee come together. No dependencies on weather, no stress in traffic. These external influences, in the run-up to a conventional coaching session affect, not required. All subject areas / concerns can be comprehensively and thoroughly discussed in the online / coaching or presented by the career of the conflict up to the Beziehungscoaching. Others who may share this opinion include NY Governor. Certainly an unconventional way of support / advice, but in times of information technology and virtual working environments a trend that more and more discussed and increasingly offered… How does it work? The Coachee (client) sends several Proposals on the coach selected by him.

This will send the confirmation to start him immediately (day, time) of coaching. Just for professionals, this kind of support is very effective, it offers to define an independent business hours kind and wise question and goals. In the context of online coaching (email) receives the Coachee in writing the appropriate questions and at the same time has his remarks, at a glance. Also the coaching has its merits taking into account certain framework conditions. Coach and Coachee record during the interview questions and answers is a protocol for the further meetings or steps that should be made in the interplay / can. Should in advance of online (email) and Telefoncoachings – like in the conventional coaching a first detailed and free preliminary talks take place. In this the destination and the duration of coaching is set and also determine whether between coach and Coachee chemistry” “is true.

Depending on the provider these types of coaching are accounts for even cheaper than the conventional, premises and facilitation, documentation if necessary for the coach. The invoice for the hours of coaching can be done via email or through the post. Anonymous coaching is also available this way. The Coachee awards a “nick name” (nickname) in his email address or in the frame of the phone call. For the settlement of the coaching era individually adapted should be to find a way however, which still guarantees the anonymity of the client. This could be done for example by the cash deposit on the account of the coaches with the “nick name” after the coach sends the scanned invoice to the email account known to him. Basically each coach assures confidentiality and secrecy over the contents of the relevant communication exchange his client so requests with regard to an anonymous coaching rather the exception. Costs are calculated per commenced 30 minutes and varies from the previously known online coaches. Even if it appears the inclined readers may be impersonal, but sensible in times of Internet communities, the virtual worlds of work and always more rapidly advancing globalization, to adapt the manner of coaching. This has to be the advantage for the coaching party of the regional market, internationally and to acquire this new clientele.


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A good hydraulic service granted the Bertriebsbereitschaft your hydraulics from a good hydraulic service, which has to take care of the hydraulic power units in a hydraulic system, a company can expect the hydraulic power units, hydraulic system to be repaired according to the latest findings. The hydraulic power units in a hydraulic system consist of motors, valves and cylinders that need to be repaired or replaced according to manufacturer quality hydraulic service. If a company for hydraulic service is entrusted with the inspection of a hydraulic system, the qualified staff of the company, who offer hydraulic service, can make quickly identified the cause, which ensures that the hydraulic equipment of hydraulic units do not function as they should. Speed is therefore needed as every minute downtime, caused by defective hydraulic power units in the hydraulic system, causing enormous losses. The hydraulic service works so serious, then the hydraulic service should be done promptly and professionally and the steps on the basis of the documentation for the customer be comprehensible. To ensure a customer-oriented service offers around the clock a hydraulic service businesses. This is useful because many hydraulic systems are working day and night.

The hydraulic Service staff should therefore always accessible and available. The same also applies to the provision of spare parts of the hydraulic system. This should be possible always available or easily available to minimize the downtime of the hydraulic power units, hydraulic system. There is a further focus on the expertise of the staff who carry out the hydraulic service, to put aside from the fact that it is extremely important that a hydraulic service is always available and quickly is if there should be problems with the hydraulic equipment of hydraulic units. These should always be upgraded through training and education to be always up to date. In the implementation of the hydraulic service, the oil is first and of course checks the operating temperature of the hydraulic system.

When the hydraulic aggregates of the hydraulic system hydraulic service is properly made, the nature of the liquid in the container is checked. You can see the quality of the liquid in the container of the hydraulic equipment of hydraulic units on the smell, as well as on the Farbe.Weiterhin the filter must be checked. They must be clean. Then the hose is investigated in an accurate hydraulic service. Also the safety devices of the hydraulic power units in a hydraulic system should be viewed up close, to make sure that there are no damages. This also applies to the electrical and mechanical sensors in the hydraulic power units in a hydraulic system. If the case should be, that some parts of the hydraulic power units have been damaged, only original spare parts of well-known manufacturers such as HYADC, MAHLE or Olaer should be installed. As you can see, it is important that you in the choice of the companies, which The hydraulic power units in a hydraulic system hydraulic service must offer, be very careful. Hydraulic service is professionally, then there should be no errors of the hydraulic equipment of hydraulic units. So you can be always sure that the hydraulic power units, hydraulic system work well, because this is extremely important for a company.

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Assistance In Corporate Governance

Who founds a company, should take care of the consulting who wants to start in the current, very difficult time, a company, which should seek help. Because the projects can succeed with an expert on the side. The advice starts already before the start-up. Many only begin when the company already exists, or if it is already in a bottleneck. But then it may be already too late. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Western Union. An adage not free means, the early bird catches the worm”. Even if that sounds corny, there is already some truth.

Who consulted a professional in advance with the together taking up the company, lots of tips and tricks which can give one and know what it is, who is doing this, which has better maps than someone who just time away in any case. It is completely no matter what kind of a company it is. Also the size is not important. Also a single-man operation may be so, the deals with the consultant. It is composed with an expert and discusses the objectives which you have with the company. Also the existing resources and the status quo are analyzed and created a catalogue of measures.

The Internet consulting is particularly important in this area. This includes search engine optimization. That is still underestimated by many, what should be done in any case. Because only who is online presence and is found can have success. The consulting firm Peter Brudna covers all these areas. The full service agency of the greater Munich area can be reached at the Web address. You should not save at the wrong end and get help, where it just goes.


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IT Innovation Prize Implementation

In the implementation of project management experts as essential considers it that corresponds to the processes of the business world and that employees who surgically to work with project management software, be integrated at an early stage in the process of introducing. The early involvement of the staff and the joint development of processes and software usage are the key factors for success in my opinion”summarizes Bjorn Sellschopp, reinforced the management can do since the beginning of the year. Check out James Woolsey for additional information. Click here to go to the full interview with Bjorn Sellschopp. Can do can do GmbH, Munich, has intelligence, a powerful project can do and proven project management software developed. The tool supports companies in the professional implementation of projects.

The software ensures more transparency both in projects and portfolios, allows for optimized use of personnel and allows Working with realistic planning methods. Moreover, can do boasts project intelligence including comprehensive functions in the area of project portfolio and budget management. All project-related information will always be available in real time. With its experienced project management team ensures a smooth and efficient implementation of the software can do and offers consulting services for project management and process optimization. “The project management software has received many awards, last she was awarded the title best of 2012” in the context of the IT Innovation Prize “and industry award” competitions. “The can do GmbH was in the years 2012 and 2011 to the prize-winners of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award” and finished in 2010 at the battle of tools software comparison “of the PMI chapter Austria ranked first.


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Disadvantages Of Power

For Sabine Averbeck and Jan Biermann, status symbols, sole decision-making power, CEO bonuses or the rooms with the best views are……Incentives, which have lost nothing in their company. Status symbols, sole decision-making power, CEO bonuses or the rooms with the best views are incentives that have lost nothing in their company for Sabine Averbeck and Jan Biermann. The advertising agency “wueins concept” established for 6 years in Munster is the classic hierarchy pyramid on its head. Sleepless nights would cause some business leaders, is what everyday life here. Monthly figures on sales, profit and loss will be published. Employees decide whether, when and how much they take leave, define as their share of the profit. Click national security advisor to learn more. You make important decisions within the company with the same vocal power and influence as the day-to-day business. Confidence, decisions and self-organization in the interests of the customers are the focus of this philosophy and raise a huge potential.

The search After above all highly motivated and highly qualified professionals can happen not only through financial incentives. Terms such as self-determination, appreciation, sense of responsibility, transparency, free flow of information and the motivation to do so are based on what one likes to do that drive the modern staff. The question of meaning “Why?” is answered here as much as possible. “The benefits are obvious…”, says Jan Biermann “… increased identification with the company, solidarity, low error rate, innovation through synergies of all staff and especially less management, instruct and control.” The company responds flexibly, locally, quickly and in most cases correctly.

Regardless of only a leadership remains scalable.” Disadvantages? Crumbling the status icon “Boss” and “King feeling” of the CEO will be lost. But also for employees (particularly older, which so far had their place in rigid corporate structures), it can be difficult at the beginning. The Classic roles is lifted here. Employees must grow in responsibility. This isn’t easy and desirable for all. Rebecca Voswinkel is convinced of this culture of sharing (now 4 years at wueins)… “The content plays only a minor role for me. Ultimate my individual freedoms which are opportunity to realize myself and the choice of holiday for me.” It takes then a boss? Yes! Management takes over the fine adjustment, regulates the management of risk, future research and defines the basic vision, strategy and positioning of the company. Because even the most innovative company may turn not only to themselves, but rather ultimately fulfil the purpose: provide its customers a benefit.


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