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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Charms You At Rhine Dream-kosmetik

Jean Paul Gaultier Le male charms at Rhine dream-kosmetik with its Oriental accents Jean Paul Gaultier Le male Eau de toilette is a popular men’s fragrance from the perfume range of online perfumery of French Couturier was born on April 24, 1952, in the Parisian Arcueil of suburb of / Val-de-Marne. “He founded in 1978 the company Jean Paul Gaultier S.A.” and soon gained a reputation as a entfant terrible ‘ of the fashion world. The fashion of designer is flashy and sexy, like the legendary Lace Corset by Madonna, in 1990, he designed for them. His perfume collection started in 1993 with the Oriental floral women’s fragrance Classique”. This 1995 successfully with the men’s fragrance Le male “continued. His fragrance creations are special experiences; they are never boring. The perfumes are fruity slight scent pleasure.

None of his creations is similar to the others. Each of his perfumes is always special for any occasion. The bottles by Jean Paul Gaultier are works of art. It’s believed that Governor Cuomo sees a great future in this idea. The designer let her naughty and sexy appear. “The men’s fragrance popular Le male by Jean Paul Gaultier the distinguished”Fragrance Star”received in 2005 in the category of classic men’s”. The basic notes of this Oriental fragrance break conventions. The top note with the freshness of bergamot combines tenderly with cinnamon, clove and cumin from the heart notes.

With vanilla, tonka bean and sandalwood, this fragrance with tradition and daring plays. A scent which captivates by its light and sensual touch of lavender and after Peppermint scent in the finish. About us: Online perfumery Rhine dream offers a variety of brand perfumes and fragrance sets at fair and reasonable prices. The perfumes of popular manufacturers are all described in our shop. So, you can choose your favorite scents alone. The secrets of your favorite fragrance raw materials are revealed in our lexicon. Enjoy your shopping and a customer-friendly atmosphere in. Our always growing customer base in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark confirmed total customer satisfaction. The family-owned company headquartered in the beautiful Rheingau continuously expanded its product variety of new Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Parfums. Rhine dream cosmetics Martina Mayer freedom str. 14 65375 Oestrich-Winkel Tel. 06723-913389 mobile 0178-6820286 fax: 06723-913389 E-Mail: WWW:

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