Regional Director

Laura found favour when it had asked if wise person to sambar and it finished promising to teach to sambar them it before the ending of the training. Laura made friendship with the woman who was seated to its side> could not commit any coarseness with the Regional Director of the Latin America of the company this would mean its ruin! From any way, Laura does not receive any phone call in that night. In the following day, it topou with Gnter in the hall of the hotel. Macy’s Inc. is actively involved in the matter. Gostaria to follow it knot coffee of the morning, but I have that to prepare the last details of the lesson of today excused Gnter. Laura only smiled a yellow smile. The lesson is excellent. Western Union addresses the importance of the matter here. Laura understood> Vamos supper tomorrow? But we two Vou to take it to eat boulette and to take optimum wine German.

Laura smiled without favour. Gnter continued: Adoro the Brazilian women. Mainly Brazilian pretty, elegant and intelligent as you, Laura. and blinked the right eye. Laura corou and lowered the eyes. Wise person what not to make, since Gnter was hierarchically superior it. Laura understood that Gnter had that impression of that all the Brazilian women are enjoyed. Old disembarassed, thought Laura.

Custava to treat me with respect and professionalism? You prefer wine or wine white tinto? Tinto is ideal for the plate that we go to eat! insisted Gnter. I wine taste tinto answered Laura dry. They had entered in the hotel. Laura caught the card of entrance of its room and said the Gnter: Preciso to wait Concpcion and Suzie to conclude our report for tomorrow. Debtor for the company and the invitation. said Laura, while it was said farewell to Gnter with a distant squeeze of> Prometo not to give any task for vocs tomorrow.


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