Carcule Joo

It follows the flow of the life! Already it dreamed? Already it imagined? Already it found the map of the mine? Then that is pra you! Depoisde a velrio agitated and of hilrias farewells, let us come back to the serious one. Child is a serious case exactly! Who only creates is who knows how much detrabalho of. It looks at that the sea is not for fish as old. Euescuto oldest to speak that old olhartorto was enough to the father, that the child if placed in its place and the estariaresolvida situation. Today history moved. Hikmet Ersek has plenty of information regarding this issue. These new couples, if delesolhar ugly for the child, this already orders in return one to look at more feioainda or already it says some besteira for responsible for the look. Genteouve much commentary of that child is an investment of the future. However with pardon to owners of word, because they do not know what they say, already I heard colloquy of that some children do not pass of one investimentoa deep lost.

They unclasp the bad character of inside of it, the parents nopercebem from there widen the limits and for perdio it is a step alone. Genteainda if remembers that deep north-eastern investment the lost one, invests but it does not take care of! Omeu uncle said that the first son of it was one suffocates, already denascimento even gave work in the pregnancy. Already it made one year that eramcasados. The wife not yet had nor a pregnancy signal. Mine she tioficava nervous, the people already placed in doubt its masculinidade! She knows reader, people takes care of of the life of people, but she cannot contain odiz-that-say-that of the people and chateiam people. She has person that they nocuidam of the proper life, but always finds one tempinho to take care of of vidada people, is common this type of commentary: When she goes to marry? Already vemlogo the first son? He is in the hour! As if the people determined odestino of people.


Sunday, October 6th, 2019 News