ABECS Brazilian Association Debit

THE INDUSTRY OF THE CREDIT CARDS Welinton Dos Santos is economist The increase of 94,9% of the volume of credit cards in five years shows the impressive growth of the market of credit cards, debit and of store. The plastic money assisted Brazil in of the moments most critical of the crisis, keeping the active credits. In Brazil according to ABECS Brazilian Association of the Companies of Credit cards and Services, two teros of all the purchases with credit cards are carried through the stated period. In 2009, in full economic crisis, the industry of the cards will put into motion for return of R$ 450 billion, against R$ 158,9 billion 2004, almost three times more, in 483 million transactions (of jun/08 jun/09), with taxes of growth of the order of 44% to the year according to ABECS. The year of 2008 put into motion R$ 375 billion through> plastic cards. For the carriers of credit card, debit or store exists some tips in the site, being able to get information of the participants of the system, types of card, use of the card, security, services, list of associates and also a manual of the carrier of credit cards, that can be lowered in pdf in the address: . The sector of credit cards is important for the national economy, although the number exaggerated available for the Brazilian population, of a total of 191 million inhabitants, in the country exists 540 million cards. Beyond the easiness of the electronic system of purchase, it finishes contributing for the formality of companies, today can pay until taxi with card. The card system is tracked what it allows fiscalization increase on the transactions. The modalities of cards are: debit, credit, store and net, with the aggravation of the crisis the debit cards had surpassed of credit, having shown the improvement in the process of awareness of the consumer, but one another reason, the reduction of check emission still exists, mainly the post-dated ones.


Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 News