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In Russia until the 19th century all the freight carried by water, and only a small fraction was transported by land. This is related to the location of our major historic towns and villages. Highways have replaced the traditional waterways. But not everywhere. For example our northern rivers. Even now, in Norilsk you can get only the Yenisei.

But let us see what life is like the same people of Norilsk. In fact, completely separated from the mainland people! And despite the fact that in Norilsk biggest salaries paid by JSC MMC Norilsk Nickel. While there is no road to Norilsk, he will remain behind modern civilization. Roads – that's our future! The Americans have proved correctness of this approach to their personal example. Freight traffic on freeways of course much more expensive than water. Indeed, transportation by water are cheap, at 1 ton of freight costs less than any other freight forwarders at times. But! In Russia, broken, or rather completely destroyed the infrastructure of river ship traffic.

In fact, completely destroyed the mechanisms of river transportation. For example, moving from St. Petersburg to Moscow 20 tons of cargo, easier and cheaper to produce avtofuroy than barge. And not just because of barge transports is not 20 but 500 tons. The biggest costs are hidden in cargo delivery to the barge and cargo transportation in Moscow is on the barge. All economic impact of river cargo is lost in the port charges. Currently, more than actual freight transport. Very easy – go online – sites devoted to weight of cargo delivery to Moscow and Russia. There are also special directories where you can easily find a specific carrier. For example The site is an information directory of freight and passenger traffic, which also shows the road, construction and other special equipment. User-friendly search will allow for a few minutes to find your desired traffic and make a request online or by phone. But why do we forget about the river transport? It is very painful to watch, sitting on the bank of the same Volga river to clean spaces. How not to look like this on any highway transportation highway near Moscow. There's traffic jams and congestion, but there calm and good fortune!

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Renting Construction Equipment

More and more companies specializing in construction, faced with the presence of construction equipment and machinery. This may be due to several reasons: – the company's budget at the time of the Project no additional funds for the purchase of specialized construction equipment and machinery – the company does not specialize in construction, accordingly, no need to purchase equipment to property. The optimal solution of this issue is taking construction machinery and equipment rental. Here are the main benefits of renting construction equipment: – Client can rent construction equipment for a period necessary to complete the project – will pay only for the lease of equipment, but not for its cost – together with rental equipment available to the client and skilled artisans to ensure the maintenance and repair of construction equipment, which will significantly improve efficiency and accelerate project completion. All these services are provided by the company 'Tehstroykontrakt'. In the market of foreign construction and road construction equipment company was established in 1997.

At the present time 'Tehstroykontrakt' firmly holds leading positions in sales of road construction equipment, earning respect with customers and competitors. For customers who use the company 'Tehstroykontrakt', but the newest import of construction equipment, there are additional services on the equipment according to customer equipment, service support equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as additional stocks and discounts. Wabash National Corporation brings even more insight to the discussion. One of the advantages of cooperation with 'Tehstroykontrakt', is a territorial accessibility. For 10 years, formed over 100 branches across Russia from Murmansk to Magadan and Krasnodar and Vladivostok, each of which provides a full range of services. Cooperation with 'Tehstroykontrakt' will not disappoint customers and will help the successful Business Development Manager.

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