When someone wants something you should know that it risks and why life is worth. We have said on several occasions that we are energy that our body’s moves thanks to the energy that he assumes, therefore we are subject to all those stimuli that somehow activated our energies, often in a negative way, other positively. Important thing is to determine what those stimuli that we favor. Up to many times the ones identified with parapsychological science have ventured to try to explain the Paranormal phenomena under the perception. Theories that are derived from energy and its impact on the behavior of being, more so when manifested many times a special energy that has not been able handle, especially psychic and unexplained phenomena as telepathy, that promotes clairvoyance, and why not the levitation and everything that has become famous to Sai Baba in the appearance and disappearance of objects. The truth, that the topic of electromagnetism which is our goal in this opportunity is very interesting and with regard to this, Pablo Villarrubia in writing about him presented in the journal year zero of Spain, provides US with significant information that we share with those interested in these subjects as it is textually, that present-day man is immersed in a huge, invisible and dangerous ocean of radiation.

Those living in large cities are most susceptible to this threat, that can produce lethal, such as cancer or leukemia disease. That enemy that surrounds us everywhere are electromagnetic waves that produce from the seemingly harmless household appliances – such as televisions or blenders – up lines of high-voltage or large electrical generators. A few years some scientists gave the first voices of alert, but it is now when the surveys and research have come to prove that the problem is, in reality, much more serious than it seems. Popular interest was awakened as a result of the recent lawsuit filed against an electricity company by the father of Simon Stuholme, a British 13-year-old boy who died of leukemia in 1992.


Monday, August 10th, 2015 News