HDmag MSGP Encoder

Flexible “measuring belt” for big waves: with the HDmag MSGP Baumer has developed a magnetic clamping band transmitter, which is suitable for virtually any size shaft diameter. The magnetic tape is placed like a belt around the generator and driveshaft. The scanning head with two built-in sensors and a signal processing the patent-pending ensures an uninterrupted scanning. While seemingly immeasurable range of encoders for smaller and medium-sized drives, was dependent on large shaft diameters so far on complex special solutions such as E.g. toothed structures. Now this however has changed.

For the large shaft diameters usual case of wind and hydropower plants or torque motors, there today just to fit and high-precision rotary encoder solutions. With the new HDmag MSGP Encoder technology Baumer has developed a magnetic clamping band transmitter, which is suitable for virtually any size shaft diameter. That in length about the shaft circumference adapted magnetic tape is like a Put the belt around the generator and driveshaft, fixed with a tensioner on the shaft and can be changed quickly when needed. Through its axially very narrow shape and eliminating the torque arm clamping band donor requires only very little space on the shaft and works bearingless construction and of the non-contact measuring principle over the years wear-free. The sampling head of the new strap-Encoder technology with two integrated sensors and a signal processing the patent pending provides a continuous sampling across the gap to the clamp over. A large air gap with up to 3 mm tolerance and a permissible axial displacement of up to +/-5 mm to simplify the alignment of the scanning head and guarantee a reliable measurement on the other mechanical tolerances and vibrations. The electronics of the sensor head is completely sealed to protect against dirt, shock and vibration. The integrated FPGA-based signal processing enables very high angular resolution better 0.003 or more than 100,000 pulses per revolution, regardless of a, for example, thermally-induced wave expansion. “Best Innovation 2010” for the future development of bearingless rotary encoder technology, Baumer was (www.baumer.com/ motion) news from ABB crane systems with the “best Innovation 2010” award. The flexible mounting options of the easy to be retrofitted rotary encoders, which are suitable for any size shaft diameter were decisive for the award ceremony at the “supplier day 2011” in Sweden. The wear-free non-contact sensing system with high accuracy guarantees a long service life and thus maximum production yields for end customers.

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Friday, August 28th, 2015 News