All we worked with a power, a law. It is the attraction. The Secret is the Law of attraction. Everything what it is arriving in your life, are attracting you it your life you attract and it, by virtue of the images that you maintain in your mind. It is what you are thinking.

Be that as it may what you are passing in your mind you attract it. The wise people have known always it, you can return right now to old the Babylonians. They always have known this. Because you think that a 1 percent of the population wins around the 96 percent of all the money that is being won? You think that it is a chance? The way simplest for me to see the attraction law is, if I fodder in same me like a magnet, I know that as I will attract it to a magnet. Basically, the attraction law says that the resemblance attracts the resemblance.

But really we are speaking to a thought level. Our work as human is to have in our thoughts which we want, to put very clearly in our minds which we want, since we began to invoke one of but the great laws in the universe, and that is the law of the attraction. You become what more you think but also you attract what more you think. You see if it here (your mind) you are going to have it here, and that principle can be summarized in three simple words. Thoughts. To turn. To be thankful. What the majority of people does not include/understand is that a thought has a frequency. Each thought has a frequency. We can measure a thought and therefore if you are thinking that thought time and time again If you are imagining in your mind having that new car, having the money that you need, constructing to that company, finding your twin soul. If you are imagining as he is that, you are emitting that frequency in a solid base. The thoughts are sending that signal magnetized that it is taking his parallel of return. Same Mrate living in abundance and that you will attract. It gives result, always it works always, with each person.

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The Zain GmbH from Berlin informs its customers about the functionality and applications of magnets magnets are also used in high-tech procedure many everyday applications. By the magnetic Board for notes up to particle accelerators, which simulate the big bang: the use of magnetism penetrates the industrial society. The professionals of Zieger GmbH provide the industry for many years as an experienced facilitator of technology partners. Please explain how of modern magnet systems, which can form an excellent basis for technological problem solutions. Electromagnetism is one of the fundamental forces, explaining all physical phenomena and events.

A key field is the force of magnetism. It arises from the motion of electric charges within objects and causes a force on other magnetic elements. Depending on field strength magnetism caused the function of a nondescript magnet holder as well, such as Solar storms that cause auroras or failure bring electricity and phone supply of entire regions. In everyday life, magnetism as a so-called Ferromagnetism refers to the metals iron, cobalt and nickel. You have a permanent Atomic arrangement which established magnetic properties of nature.

Numerous iron-rich rocks are natural magnets in untreated State. There are two common types of magnet. The permanent magnet consists of a ferromagnetic material, such as iron, whose Atome were uniformly aligned. This magnetization produces a permanently stable magnetic field. Permanent magnets used in headphones, measuring devices or hard drives for computers. The second type of magnet is the electromagnet. The function principle of the electromagnet is that traces for flow build up a magnetic field around them. Used coils of an electric conductor under power, due to this physical law, a strong magnetic field, the for a variety Tasks can be used. A ferromagnetic core inside the current-carrying coil increases the magnetic field of the solenoid and gives it the desired shape. The construction of the coils magnetic field magnetizes the metallic core, its own field strength is added to the magnetic field of the coil. The particular advantage of an electromagnet is the variability of its field strength and potency that can be adjusted up to shut down with the power supply. Electromagnets can be found due to this property in many applications such as industrial production lines, magnetic cranes, door openers or Maglev. In research and medicine, electromagnets are used which differ from the conventional construction coil and ferromagnetic core. Physical properties restrict the maximum magnetic field strength of ferromagnets, which is why the strongest electromagnet without a corresponding core come out. You are either made of superconductors or numerous copper washers. Superconductors are able, at temperatures close to the absolute zero point, extremely to conduct much current and rebuild accordingly strong magnetic fields. Disc magnet will benefit from the conductivity of up to 250 copper and insulating layers and generate research operation also extremely strong magnetic fields. Both types of magnet is required a powerful cooling however, into heat energy turned electric power can lead to off. The use of superconductors also requires cooling with liquid helium, to reach the supra line temperature of 4 Kelvin (269 Celsius). But, such systems are not suitable for research into nuclear fusion or the magnetic resonance imaging for everyday applications. Magnets allow many technological challenges.

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HDmag MSGP Encoder

Flexible “measuring belt” for big waves: with the HDmag MSGP Baumer has developed a magnetic clamping band transmitter, which is suitable for virtually any size shaft diameter. The magnetic tape is placed like a belt around the generator and driveshaft. The scanning head with two built-in sensors and a signal processing the patent-pending ensures an uninterrupted scanning. While seemingly immeasurable range of encoders for smaller and medium-sized drives, was dependent on large shaft diameters so far on complex special solutions such as E.g. toothed structures. Now this however has changed.

For the large shaft diameters usual case of wind and hydropower plants or torque motors, there today just to fit and high-precision rotary encoder solutions. With the new HDmag MSGP Encoder technology Baumer has developed a magnetic clamping band transmitter, which is suitable for virtually any size shaft diameter. That in length about the shaft circumference adapted magnetic tape is like a Put the belt around the generator and driveshaft, fixed with a tensioner on the shaft and can be changed quickly when needed. Through its axially very narrow shape and eliminating the torque arm clamping band donor requires only very little space on the shaft and works bearingless construction and of the non-contact measuring principle over the years wear-free. The sampling head of the new strap-Encoder technology with two integrated sensors and a signal processing the patent pending provides a continuous sampling across the gap to the clamp over. A large air gap with up to 3 mm tolerance and a permissible axial displacement of up to +/-5 mm to simplify the alignment of the scanning head and guarantee a reliable measurement on the other mechanical tolerances and vibrations. The electronics of the sensor head is completely sealed to protect against dirt, shock and vibration. The integrated FPGA-based signal processing enables very high angular resolution better 0.003 or more than 100,000 pulses per revolution, regardless of a, for example, thermally-induced wave expansion. “Best Innovation 2010” for the future development of bearingless rotary encoder technology, Baumer was ( motion) news from ABB crane systems with the “best Innovation 2010” award. The flexible mounting options of the easy to be retrofitted rotary encoders, which are suitable for any size shaft diameter were decisive for the award ceremony at the “supplier day 2011” in Sweden. The wear-free non-contact sensing system with high accuracy guarantees a long service life and thus maximum production yields for end customers.

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