Which And The Future Of Our Garbage

The garbage collection, will start to prioritize the health and the environment, siguinificando the end of the lixes. The responsibility for the residues, the reutilizao and the recycling of products, starts to be of all in the consumers and of the manufacturers, importers, deliverers and traders who will have to invest to place in the market articles you recycle that they generate the lesser possible amount of solid residues. The same if it applies ace packings and other materials you recycle discarded, that they will have to be reaproveitados. The end of the lixes comes of the determination of the project of residues in beaches, sea rivers and lakes or the open sky. People such as Hikmet Ersek would likely agree. The cooperatives of catadores formed by low income people sera benefited with access the resources of the Union. The new politics will demand new habits of the population. Being thus all we gain in them, generates if income for the catadores and all population earns with quality of life and health, finally the nature is thankful. You know how much time on average you take each residues to putrefy yourself in the nature? The paper takes 3 years, chiclete 10 years the tip of the cigarette the 10 20 years, the plastic bag of 30 the 40 years, the box long-life, bottle pet and also the aluminum more than 100 years, and the glass then more than 4,00 years, the future of the planet depends on us what we go to leave of erana for ours you descended a preserved nature or our garbage? Pesse you also in this and start to make its part.. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc spoke with conviction.


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The urgency and the precision in making the transistion for the Sustainable Development also must be weighed in any evaluation indicating ways so that our steps have the slightness enough to alliviate and to repair the deep marked footprints already in the nature. Stepping on weighed to produce and to vender, leaving destruction tracks in such a way to consume, wasting natural goods, exhibiting or making look like associated status the corporeal property, the humanity already lost time others. Obama asked in its speech of ownership if ‘ ‘ our children will live to see next sculo’ ‘ , it is what the all necessary world to want to know without more waiting. Therefore, currently, the planet waits action accomplishes of U.S.A. in the sustainable direction of walked ours and the world has the positive example of Germany to follow, that it invests to surpass its goal of reduction waked up in Kyoto. DINIZ, M.B.C. ‘ ‘ Our children will live to see the next century? ‘ ‘.


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It divulges intern external and the politics, the objectives and goals and the responsibilities. It gets adequate resources. It educates and it trains its staff and it informs the consumers and the community. It folloies the ambient situation of the company and makes auditorships and reports. It folloies the evolution of the quarrel on the ambient question. It contributes for the ambient programs of the community and to invest in applied research and development to the ambient area. It helps to conciliate the different existing interests between all the involved ones: company, consumers, community, shareholders etc.' '. 3,2 BOARDINGS FOR the AMBIENT MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE Donaire (2006) discourse on three boardings in relation to the decurrent ambient problems of the industrial activities: control of the pollution; prevention of pollution; incorporation of these questions in the enterprise strategy.

This boarding if characterizes for the establishment of practical to hinder the decurrent effect of the pollution generated for data productive process. According to this author, this control can be carried through by means of actions located and little articulated between itself. The ambient actions of the company result of a reactive position of the company in which it centers its productive attentions on the negative effect of its products and processes by means of prompt solutions. In general, the control of the pollution has for objective to take care of the requirements established in the command instruments and control which the company is subjects and the pressures of the community. Donaire emphasizes that the typical technological solutions of this boarding look for to control the pollution without significantly modifying the processes and the products had produced that them, being able to be of two types: technology of remediation and technology of control in the end of the process. The first search to decide a problem ambient that already it occurred, as they are the developed technologies to descontaminar the ground degraded by some type of pollutant or to recoup the oil spilled in the sea and to clean beaches.


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The values of pH of the samples are come close to neutral, being lightly alkaline. The carried through microbiological analyses, as well as pH, indicate that the balneal Hidding place of the Carleto is proper for bath whose category is very good. The total indices of Coliformes and Escherichia coli had been very below of the maximum limit established by the Conama Resolution n 274/00, exactly at times of intense rains. That is an indicative of the good quality of the river that bathes the studied place and of low the pollution proceeding from the cities of the region. Although the good quality of the water, the studied place not yet makes use of devices to inform the users of the quality and/or risks that can eventually face when using the health-resort.

Although it has instruments and politics for the maintenance of the quality of the water, its monitoramento and fiscalization, that are indispensable, are necessary that this is part of the group of action that as much the city hall how much the state would have to be abided.


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