The values of pH of the samples are come close to neutral, being lightly alkaline. The carried through microbiological analyses, as well as pH, indicate that the balneal Hidding place of the Carleto is proper for bath whose category is very good. The total indices of Coliformes and Escherichia coli had been very below of the maximum limit established by the Conama Resolution n 274/00, exactly at times of intense rains. That is an indicative of the good quality of the river that bathes the studied place and of low the pollution proceeding from the cities of the region. Although the good quality of the water, the studied place not yet makes use of devices to inform the users of the quality and/or risks that can eventually face when using the health-resort.

Although it has instruments and politics for the maintenance of the quality of the water, its monitoramento and fiscalization, that are indispensable, are necessary that this is part of the group of action that as much the city hall how much the state would have to be abided.


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Brazilian Development Bank

Had the difficulties found for the Civil Defense and of the Body of animal Firemen they putrefy it the outdoors and I smell it fort becomes insuportvel compelling the population to use masks that also they are in lack. Even though the house of major Olavo, father of senator Renan Calheiros, the PMDB, also was reached. The old large house, as well as almost the totality of the houses of the street, was almost all cover for the water. the governor of Alagoas is despaired because it knows that until the elections in next day 03 to October it will have that to provide the construction of new houses for it lost who them. Its situation sufficiently is complicated at the moment, even so it is making the possible one and the impossible one to try to brighten up the suffering of who lost everything absolutely. Alagoas is receiving from the federal government an initial aid in the value of R$ 23 million, what it is very little. However, in this thursday, day 24, day of Are Joo, president Lula affirmed that it will also have immediate release of R$ 500 million, being R$ 250 million for Alagoas and Pernambuco, another State sufficiently reached by rains, for use in immediate actions in favor of the reached population. Beyond of this, of the release of this money, president Lula signed a provisional remedy (MP), in the value of R$ 1 billion and the sum will be used for the commerce of Alagoas and Pernambuco.

In this direction a financing line will be servant, by means of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). The money will be used mainly for capital of turn, purchase of materials and industrial goods for the commerce and entrepreneurs. Moreover, president Lus Incio Lula da Silva sobrevoou the regions reached for the Tsunami that practically finished with the cities of Branquinha, Santana it Munda, Is Jose of the flagstone, Wide River, Quebrangulo, amongst others in the State of Alagoas. For the press folloied that it affirmed: ' ' Already vi many photos, already vi films on the flood in the region of the south bush of Pernambuco and Alagoas and, sincerely, no photograph and no film demonstrate the gravity of the situation that people see when she enters in the streets of cidades' ' it concluded Squid. The cities reached for this catastrophe they will take much time so that new houses are constructed, beyond bridges, Schools and Hospitals and Ranks of Health. I inform that the Army comes carrying through an extraordinary paper in the reached cities.

The great problem now is not only money and human aid the victims. But it is to come back to rain again in this winter that is only starting causing still more desperation the population of these cities. the Senators of Alagoas, the representatives and state deputies what they are making for the population of these cities reached for rains and torrents? We go to stop with the demagogy is to financially help the population of these cities where they had lost practically everything. With the money of the proper pocket.


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The Mother Nature

Beyond of more it exists the effect of ‘ ‘ pum of vaca’ ‘ To exemplificar, French agriculture is the European champion of emissions of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse. The 20 million cows and French bulls answer for the emission of 38 million tons of gases per year (more than 2 times the emitted one for the 14 French refineries of oil), in its majority methane, also including the nitrous oxide (gas of the laugh). c) Nuclear disasters c1) Explosion of Chernobyl (1986) – the price of the indifference? April of 1986 c2) Bombs of Hiroshima and Nakasaki d) Chemical d1) Pollution in Minamata (1956) – eastern Shame d2) chemical Emptying in Bhopal (1984) – Independent fatal Omission of the dates that had occurred, many of them already had contaminated the ground, the water with metals weighed, had finished with the sea life, had provided to genetic mutations in not human human beings and, illnesses, plagues epidemics and, most recent of everything, ecological disasters had the nature. Almost all still still possess its collateral effect gifts even today.

A great concern on the part of the authorities exists, however this concern if must only for pressure of the Insuring ones, that it has that to bank with the compensation of damages generated for the ambient catastrophes. Therefore, let us not leave of planting a tree in the World-wide Day of the Environment, but also let us participate of pressures for requirement of recycling and treatment of garbage and the movements generated for the ONGs of protection to the environment, through research in the Google we know which the projects that exist and as we can help (the times is only treated to order an email for an authority asking for that it votes against a project that would destroy the environment. He is easy and fast to find through the Internet these projects. The Mother Nature thanks its children.


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