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The urgency and the precision in making the transistion for the Sustainable Development also must be weighed in any evaluation indicating ways so that our steps have the slightness enough to alliviate and to repair the deep marked footprints already in the nature. Stepping on weighed to produce and to vender, leaving destruction tracks in such a way to consume, wasting natural goods, exhibiting or making look like associated status the corporeal property, the humanity already lost time others. Obama asked in its speech of ownership if ‘ ‘ our children will live to see next sculo’ ‘ , it is what the all necessary world to want to know without more waiting. Therefore, currently, the planet waits action accomplishes of U.S.A. in the sustainable direction of walked ours and the world has the positive example of Germany to follow, that it invests to surpass its goal of reduction waked up in Kyoto. DINIZ, M.B.C. ‘ ‘ Our children will live to see the next century? ‘ ‘.


Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 News