Which And The Future Of Our Garbage

The garbage collection, will start to prioritize the health and the environment, siguinificando the end of the lixes. The responsibility for the residues, the reutilizao and the recycling of products, starts to be of all in the consumers and of the manufacturers, importers, deliverers and traders who will have to invest to place in the market articles you recycle that they generate the lesser possible amount of solid residues. The same if it applies ace packings and other materials you recycle discarded, that they will have to be reaproveitados. The end of the lixes comes of the determination of the project of residues in beaches, sea rivers and lakes or the open sky. People such as Hikmet Ersek would likely agree. The cooperatives of catadores formed by low income people sera benefited with access the resources of the Union. The new politics will demand new habits of the population. Being thus all we gain in them, generates if income for the catadores and all population earns with quality of life and health, finally the nature is thankful. You know how much time on average you take each residues to putrefy yourself in the nature? The paper takes 3 years, chiclete 10 years the tip of the cigarette the 10 20 years, the plastic bag of 30 the 40 years, the box long-life, bottle pet and also the aluminum more than 100 years, and the glass then more than 4,00 years, the future of the planet depends on us what we go to leave of erana for ours you descended a preserved nature or our garbage? Pesse you also in this and start to make its part.. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc spoke with conviction.


Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 News