Boy Without Clothes

The Boy without clothes lives in a called place Consumolndia where almost everybody is always buying, consuming some thing, or more than this, almost everybody finds important, basic, to possess some thing and to show this as if it made somebody better. Thus a neighbor of the Boy without clothes, inhabitant of the Consumolndia, left another day with the mother to buy one blusinha, in the return in the way already with the dressed blouse and all shown saw one cozinho with the hurt leg, crying and asking for aid: – Girl of new blouse helps I to me was run over. the Girl of new blouse when hearing cozinho hurt asking for aid answered: – I do not go to help who ordered you you to be a sensitive dog. The Boy without clothes when seeing cozinho hurt soon took it for house and of it he took care of well. But in the Consumolndia of everything it happens, until conflict of who spent more money consuming. Certain time, the cousin of the Boy without clothes bought a bicycle and another boy bought only one velocipede. As the bicycle cost more money that the velocipede, the cousin of the Boy without clothes if found in the right to play for it are of the park the boy and its velocipede and said: – Brinquedinho Moves away to its from the park, therefore my bicycle is bigger and more expensive than it.

The Boy without clothes, that are not worried about what he is more expensive or more cheap soon it took the boy with its velocipede for house and with it played. Another time one lady was to the center of the Consumolndia, to consume clearly, and in the queue for the payment of a bought object it was pushed by a person younger at the same time it lost the time and it asked: – Why you made this? The person pushed who it, ' ' furo' ' , she answered asking: – Why, she did not like? Here I already was and am consuming more than Mrs., the world is thus and she never goes to move. After this from there crying he left you hurt for the egoistic and hostile behavior of the man in the queue. Already it are of the place when seeing the situation the Boy without clothes asked what it had happened to you, it described everything to the Boy without clothes. After this it spoke: – She is not thus lady, in our society the people costumam to treat the others for what they possess materially and not for what really she interests: what they are. In this place, the Consumolndia, exists things ' ' estranhas' ': a person is in a microphone announcing object offers and other people if they push, they fight, if they xingam more and all than you to imagine. in this somebody asked to the Boy without clothes: – Why you are without clothes? It answered: – Because I can live without clothes, if to say the opposite of this, it is not will mine is the will and interest of somebody. Thus, what it seemed important of truth for the Boy without clothes was not clothes or another consumption any or I accumulate of it, and yes the addition of friends who it could make: the gratitude of cozinho, the boy of the velocipede, Mrs. of the line, is examples of this.


Friday, November 9th, 2012 News