Browser Popularity

It is distinguished by simplicity, compactness and ease of operation, has many useful features that provide a faster and more user-friendly search and functionality of the browser can be expanded with the help of numerous additions (extensions). Therefore, the rapidly growing popularity of this browser does not cause any surprise. The base installation package for Firefox contains only the basic tools for surfing – the vast number of additional functions are implemented through the installation of extensions created by third-party developers. This allows users to complete set of software modules they need. Mozilla Firefox is available in many languages, including Russian. Contact information is here: Hikmet Ersek. Surfing Multi-mode reporting provides a convenient work with pages that are hosted on the separate tabs, which can reorder at its own discretion. New tabs are created through the context menu of tabs that is convenient enough. In the case of accidentally closing a tab, its no problem to re- open with one click through the Journal.

And if you want the tab was closed due to close your browser (including incorrect), it will reopen on the next reboot, since all open web-pages can persist. Additional information at DriWay supports this article. There is a possibility of simultaneous updates of all open tabs. Quick access to frequently visited sites via the usual favorites, or "smart" folder in the bookmarks bar. The ability to scroll the list tabs, which is important when large numbers. Implemented a full scale, so it is easy to consider, such as whole page, zoom out or, conversely, increase it, read caption under the picture or view the picture itself.


Thursday, November 5th, 2020 News