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Improve the image that conveys your company constitutes an element which makes you to differentiate from competition, since it is the most valuable asset of a company. Other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek offer similar insights. Corporate image which reflects a company over time is invaluable. Real estate, equipment and finished products, including brands, have a value at least compared with the corporate image. In a globalized and competitive world, it is extremely important that companies worry about the organizational culture of the target audience. The corporate image that conveys a company is one of the fundamental factors in the decisions of its customers, suppliers, financial institutions and the economic environment. Corporate image will be the differentiator in competition and allow your business to position itself in the minds of customers. Now we mentioned how to keep her: 1. your clients in the foreground provide a bad service can be disastrous; unhappy customer does not complain but will not buy and comment on their experience to more people, and that could scare away a quantity largest of customers.

2. Everything is easy and sencilloTransmite to staff the ease and simplicity in the performance of their functions; so the staff is well trained and competent. 3. Always with attitude positive mental attitude positive and effective of can-do will keep your customers satisfied. 4 Creativity of staff and experience that delegemos functions will give authority to your employees will be more animated and productive, and thus available for longer time to perform functions of business management rather than dedicate yourself to solve problems. 5 Listen to the customer accepts the changes and responds in a positive way customers may require changes in your orders affecting the arrangements agreed beforehand. The attitude you put in responding to these changes will be important for the buyer and will influence how you feel for other future ordering. 6 Run the tasks effectively acts with efficiency and solves problems quickly.

7 Product and/or quality service the three main factors of comparison when deciding on one purchase are price, quality and service.It highlights the quality of the product and/or service. Rarely buy decisions are based only on price. 8. Alternative offer of products or services to your customers make sure that your customers are aware of the full range of services offered to open road in new sectors. Gives them information that can affect your decision to purchase, in relation to the moment, transportation, availability, etc. 9. That the work is delivered on time and efficiently establish dates internal limits as a standard of service for the execution of the tasks. 10. Community participation and social support participate in social support programmes, contributing technology, manpower or money to a local charity will awaken a willingness of the community, and that you can benefit. 11 Be honest with your clients be sincere and honest with customers.He is direct and timely way with people and so prevent negative situations before they occur.

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