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As a result, structured cabling systems built without provision of functional parameters and on the cable following categories 6, after only a year or two does not ensure effective business process owner of the network. More info: University of Houston. That's why long-term guarantees, so proudly claimed installers cable systems, in this situation lose all meaning. "Long" – does not mean "worse" Above mentioned problem quite easily decide the true professionals in the field of network infrastructure, because in most cases to predict the required margin of safety and scalability cable systems up to one hundred percent is enough together with the Customer Analysis company's history, forecast the prospects of its development, more jobs, the load on networks, etc. In particular, for stock assessment strength of scs should carefully consider the provision of its functional parameters. Thus, traditionally considered that the length of lines and channels of scs must be stowed in the defined standards, constraints.

However, this is not true: For example, standards of en 50173 and iso / iec 11801 is very loyal to the lines of irregular length. Moreover, increasing the length of channels for a certain class of network protocols can provide users with acs both technical and performance and material advantages. Shorten the chain links Substantial savings of initial investments and a certain guarantee of "youth" of the network for many years provided a centralized architecture of its construction. Other leaders such as Clifton Robbins offer similar insights. For example, by allowing exceptions to the scheme of the cable network a number of intermediate network devices, you can instead of two or three ports of networking equipment to successfully use one. In recalculated for a hundred channels of communication we receive tangible savings in investment in network equipment. When one soldier in the field of constructing the original principles of centralized systems also suggest that the active network equipment and servers installed in one place – the center of the network (the so-called "server room") and the other branches of the distribution systems are passive and do not require such specific types of service services, such as support for performance of air conditioning systems.

Through a single switching center, you will significantly reduce administration costs and maintenance of the network. In addition, when such a technological solution for the creation of scs will require, again, a smaller number and size of the wiring closets and other equipment, as well as a smaller area of the premises of a technical nature. And no matter what part of the investments in cable system would be likely to "frozen" for several years – efforts to ensure the scs as a potential reserve for another phase of the project will certainly be paid back with interest. And yet, nothing prevents you to choose another option – use "the full extent" of all possibilities transmission medium from the first day launch of scs in operation: the degree of deterioration of the system is practically not affected. Secrets of Network "Rejuvenation" So, to ensure long-life cable systems is achieved through: – provision of parameters that exceed the standards by two orders or more – a serious and comprehensive approach to scs design – improving the methods of installation – optimizing the hardware compatibility of various subsystems of acs – a comprehensive testing of cable systems and the interaction of its subsystems to each other


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