Egyptian Real Estate

Today, many Eastern countries are opening up for foreign investments, which are tourist centers. (Source: Western Union). This is especially true and real estate. Their economy, thanks to the legalization of the acquisition of real estate foreign nationals, began to develop intensively. Probably anyone heard something about the development of construction and organization of unusual projects in the UAE, Dubai. There will be no exception in our day, and Egypt. Egypt – famous historical and cultural center of world history whose significance in world history, it is difficult to overstate. Every year the unique monuments of Ancient Egypt called in hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers. Who does not dream The seventh wonder of the world to see – the pyramids at Giza? You may be more interested in the ancient tombs of the rulers in the Valley of the Kings? In addition, year-round mild, dry climate and picturesque beaches of the Red Sea help Development of resort business in many cities of the coastal zone of Egypt.

Thanks to great strides developing country’s economy and its infrastructure Egypt resort these days has become an important player in the world real estate market. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdocs opinions are not widely known. According to statistics, about 50% of real estate in Egypt in the last decade, become citizens of Europe. For example, the value of real estate in Egypt has increased by about 25 percent last year alone. Most high demand for property in Hurghada. This city – a resort on the Red Sea, the infrastructure is developing dynamically in recent years. Despite and because relatively high price of real estate Hurghada – this is one of most lucrative investment options of money as property prices here are actively growing from year to year. Subsequently, implementation, or renting property in Hurghada will get a good high income, because the holiday season here lasts for a year.

The low cost of living in Egypt is another factor attracting foreign investors. Here are all affordable: housing, food, and so on. This means that buying property in Hurghada, the people themselves guarantee a pleasant and inexpensive holiday on the warm beaches, perfect for diving, surfing, etc. Even during a vacation in Hurghada, it is easy for a boat ride, to become participant in an exciting jeep safari into the desert, or + visit the interesting excursions to important historical sites of ancient cities of Egypt. Real Estate in Hurghada – is a reliable and profitable investment in the future for themselves and their children.

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Thursday, February 13th, 2020 News