Etiquette of Exchange Business Cards

Ignorance of etiquette can exchange business cards, at least, 'to drive you to paint' or, at worst, jeopardize your business contacts. In this article I'll introduce you to the rules of etiquette, exchange and use business cards, or simply – business cards. The first and most important rule – cards must always be with you. Be at the talks without name cards – this is nonsense, moveton – all exactly that come barefoot. There are a number generally accepted international regulations, but in our country, not all of them comply, and the vast majority just do not know. If you would like to know more then you should visit Governor Cuomo. Dimensions of business cards for men – 90h50mm for women – 80h40mm. Women, please call at this point special attention! Compare your business card:) Also, a very rare opportunity to meet corporate (promotional business cards) – the size 100h60mm, which also takes place in the world.

Card to the partner, turning so that, taking your business card, he turned it 90 , and before him was not inverted text. Ie holding out the card, it must be kept upright and the lower part of the business cards should be on the right. Etiquette while sharing a slight bow – a little head bowed. In no case can not crumple, fold other people's business cards, make notes, write something on them, appraising fumble in front of the bearer – that can be seen as disrespectful. If, applying the visit, you did not find a man on the spot, you should leave him my business card, pre-crooking upper right corner, it means that you have been personally, but did not find the person on the spot, as it indicates respect for this man.


Monday, September 2nd, 2019 News