Facebook Time

With this practical guide farmville will learn key words to successfully bring your own farm facebook. Among them you subprocesses with terms such as plots, crops, animals, coins, avatars, time of harvest and maturation, seed, among others will it be the bread of every day to achieve a good start and a better development. Step by step you’ll put abreast of how to handle any misfortune or unforeseen last minute raised you the game, fair and solventemente to invest your capital and studying how to mount your new plots. Starting with the active practice of your facebook farm, you have to know first to prepare plots for cultivation, what will cost you 15 coins each one taking into account the plough. In this first procedure must be properly cautious because if you prepare too many plots then you will not have enough coins for seeds, planting and after harvest. Keep in mind that the return of the coins with your winnings will be at each end of cycle when you can locate your production on the market.

A helpful hint that we give you this guide farmville is that you always have reserve currencies for any type of unforeseen event which may give rise to this exciting game. After the first cycle you’re more aware of how to play farmville and it will be time to expand your plots taking advantage of gains, but always bearing in mind that the first plots in which you’ve invested are those that agree to return to work before preparing new. It continues on this path and you will see that in a short time you will have so many animals, plots and a very complete Facebook farm.

Friday, November 1st, 2013 News