Flight Migration

The curator of Jaana Pruss has selected works by artists of the Gallery of LORIS, represent the manifestations and photographic studies on these topics. in transit’ reflects the situation of millions of people on Earth, who are on the run, before war, ethnic conflicts, poverty, political repression, the consequences of climate change and natural disasters. With the famine in Somalia, the earthquake in the Turkish Ercis, the disaster of Fukushima, the tidal wave in Bangkok, people have currently lost everything. Also fleeing a burnout syndrome, the search for a place to tasks according to work, meaning and new strategies of ‘survival’ means a State in transit”. Jaana Pruss curator has selected works by artists of the Gallery of Loris manifestations and photographic research on the fields of migration, escape, farewell to deportation, deserted landscapes, homelessness, places of refuge or temporary dwellings represent. “Claudia Fischer installation belongings” staff, sculptural packets of unknown content, it inspired in addition to the survey: what do I with should I break up, leave the current whereabouts and focal point within an hour and begin a path into the unknown.

” For the exhibition, filmmakers, artists, critics, architects and others have packed their belongings, that tell of the importances in life, individual memories, intimate items and essential tools of survival of. An associative composition originated from outer appearances and inner motivations, which invites the visitor, the current social issues of change and personal values, after the transitional and temporary situations, to pursue opportunities for the waiver and new perspectives. In the framework of the exhibition, see the title I’m packing my suitcase and take “workshops for children on” Saturday 26 November and 10.12 2011 between 15 and 17 instead. Invites to the Finissage of the 17.12.2011 Loris people from Berlin, the-transit-live, to art, conversation, and soup. Work by Claudia Fischer, Andy Heller, Ruth Hommelsheim, Susanne Huth, Werner Huthmacher, Ulrike Kolb, Bettina Lockemann, Ulrike Ludwig, Jens delight councils, Sabine Schrunder, Jana Seehusen personal belongings”with contributions by Sibel Aydogan, Silvia Edin, Hanayo, Melanie Lehmann, purple Karbowska, p.

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