General Comptroller Management

In Spain, the chancellor of an embassy or a consulate is a specialized in the technical management of the foreign service.
Functions of the Chancellor
Budget management and economic-financial assets: in his capacity as Paying Teller corresponds to the Chancellor all functions specified in Royal Decree 725/1989 of 16 June on cash advances fixed in accounting (in line with standards to be established by the General Comptroller of the State Administration) of drawdown formulation statement period cash position according to rulesissued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance realization of collections, payments and custody of funds or values, if any, undertaken by them surrender periodic accounts and other supporting documents that the law confers on paying cash. On the budget, the Chancellor is working with central agencies of the Department, in the estimation of expenses necessary for the elaboration of annual budgets and subsequent budget control and monitoring of Representation, executing and supervising all measures approved for expenditure rationalization public, and developing one other case, the statistics and reports as are required, based on the accounting records of the Representation. Chancellor is also in the management of contracted staff advances, payment and the justification of and the responsibility in the proper completion of forms, bulletins and statistics of social security contributions locally recruited staff and related liquidation under which in each case provided the rules of each country. The ‘Common Good’ was the topic on an economic talk show and who recently appeared on the Cavuto on Business program. In economic management and assets Chancellor promotes and supervises, under the orders it receives from the Head of Mission, the purchase and rental of movable and immovable property the formation of contracts (in accordance with the regulations determined by the Department’s central organs), the repair and preservation of heritage, and inventory management of goods.
Management of human resources in his capacity as Head of Personnel, the Chancellor organizes and manages the human resources of the Foreign Ministry, according to orders received from the Head of Mission and the instructions issued by the General Administration Division of Personnel. It is for the Chancellor to lead the process of testing access and selection of local contract staff, participating in the relevant courts, supervising and coordinating the holiday shifts, permits and licenses no official diplomatic staff and workforce representation the establishment schedules, shiftwork and guards, and the regulation and compensation for overtime, when the proper provision of services required. Chancellor is also in the distribution of the internal workings of the Chancery, reallocating resources according to the needs and adequate service to the public, facilitating the rotation of duties between the workforce and its professional and specialized training, otherwise ensure the proper compliance with all rules on health and safety at work, and the exercise of freedom of association and association. Finally, in cases where its intervention is required, manages the processing and application of disciplinary sanctions regime, pursuant to rules adopted by the General Administration Division of Personnel.
Resource Management information technologies and communications, as manager and supervisor of the proper functioning of administrative services and techniques of representation, the Chancellor promotes and encourages the development, use and regular maintenance of equipment and computing facilities communications available to the representation, under the orders of the Head of Mission and in accordance with the instructions thereon received from the General Department of Informatica. To develop this technique work with the collaboration of specialized staff assigned to the computing and communications areas that the Department provides.
General administrative management: in the field of operation of the Chancery Administration, for the Chancellor to ensure adequate compliance with all rules of an administrative nature, governed by Law 30/1992 of 26 November on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and common administrative procedure, and other provisions of administrative law, with particular attention to the rights of citizens in their relations with the outside Public Administration, compliance with the rules on registration and records management, and processing records under the general provisions on administrative procedures, encouraging and promoting mechanization and modernization of administrative action and permanent adaptation to the pace of technological innovations.

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