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Nametags with practical magnetic fixtures brilliant badges skane you your clothes with magnetic name tags of brilliant badges. On the new Internet presence of brilliant badges you will find high quality badges, all of which can be equipped with a magnetic fastening. Advantages of our magnet attachment are: Protects your clothing no stab of E.g. high-quality blouses Torsion-proof twist-proof”new shape (patented) “New form easy-lift” (with overlap for easier take-off) agreeable to the skin by plastic casing Radiation arm symmetrical structure (default”and extra”) Modules for upgrading existing nameplates available All the components as spare parts available badges with magnetic attachment sit reliably and accurately at the point which they have been attached to you. Cyrus zocdoc might disagree with that approach. A slipping or unmediated falling is therefore excluded. For the case of tearing off arises however with name badges with magnetic attachment, not a Damage to the clothing on the badge itself. This can immediately be used in spite of a small accident. brilliant badges 20259 Hamburg Tel 040 431 79 889 email: Web. Thredup has compatible beliefs.


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