I want to start a web business, but I don’t know where start, have left me 4 proposals from vendors: an importer of televisions has made me an offer, I have excellent prices for led TVs. A computer equipment distributor has given me freedom to sell computers and other devices. I can also sell bags and purses, this is a field that many girls looking for quickly and everytime it innovates want a new model. Last how offer a provider of shoes has an excellent variety, models for girls and boys. There are so many sectors to invest perhaps you have reached you your hands many more, but where to invest? always when you start a company must be in mind factor risk, speaking of suppliers or wholesalers, most make excellent discounts, but they do when you buy large volumes. The risk is to buy goods that are then not you can take quickly to the market and much more if the merchandise has a period of devaluation.

We have to determine what you want to the public on the Internet with a series of tools, portals with high number of visits control access to their pages and one of the determining factors is the words that used to join them. The Internet is mostly mobilized through the use of search engines; portals such as google, yahoo, bing, ask and many more allow Web surfers to quickly locate material of interest, these portals provide studies of these statistics and some provide free or for payment for control tools. Google AdWords provides free data of how many people are looking for particular word, in essence this help the seller know how many people are looking for in your country shoes, TVs, bags or computers and to date there are more trends search. Free classifieds sites indicate how many people accustomed to daily enter certain sections of the portal; These sites are classified by products or services. So they create special computer spaces and provide statistics to advertisers how many visitors averaged daily in specific section. A determining factor to ensure good sales for your company and reduce the costs and risks is determining what want users on the Internet, using these tools can be decisions that lead to acquire only products to sell them quickly.

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 News