Investment Ideas For The 2010 Sports

As we are passing in 2010 I would give you some investment ideas. First of all I would like to talk the market in general. Not pretend to know exactly how the market fluctuate. There are still opportunities to acquire cheap but are held up by the fair value. Currently there are areas where we can find, especially when compared to their historical value or profits. We are not far from that it can produce an economic bubble, but what if I reaffirm it for a while more bearish on the situation we are experiencing. So I think that the highest percentage of easy money in the market has already taken place. One of the things we are talking about is a possible second recession.

That could have an impact much broader than the first recession for financial markets. But now the market is recuperating very slow. The terrain through is currently traveling and I think the lake-term investors will be the big winners in this recession. I would advise them not to focus on daytrading, but good opportunities arise anyway. If we do a bit of memory we will remember the crisis in the mid-seventies where the S & P 500 had a uninmaginable recovery after one year. But from the way that recovery remained very irregular. That’s why we must be attentive to what may happen in the market.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 News