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In addition to the unique profile and a good visibility it goes also to the continuity. Further details can be found at Does Mars own KIND, an internet resource. I like to use these three terms to the success principles of customer acquisition in the Internet to describe. It works well only in the combination. Hear from experts in the field like PayPal for a more varied view. Also it is about the right attitude: social media is inherently not a sales channel, but offers the opportunity for dialogue and to build of a reputation. Everything else is just secondary. “Klaus Wenderoth: Heide Lamberth described in your book review about the Hedgehog factor” their own unwillingness to for example the topic of search engine optimization. Why is it so obviously many entrepreneurs? Thomas Kilian: Many believe that the search engine optimization is equally unnecessary and exhausting as the acquisition of new customers.

However, in many areas, it is not without one, even without the other. Here, it helps to understand how search engines tick”. It is not necessary to trick Google with dirty tricks or to bend (which I also do not recommend for customer acquisition). Everyone must find his own style. “Here, the three above-mentioned concepts help again: unique profiling” for Google, means that I’m using desired search terms makes sense on my website.

So will I for my readers and also for search engines to the experts for a theme or special words. I reach visibility”through a thematically sensible and natural linking, which provides added value to the readers. “Who both continuously” operates, is already on a good way. There are service providers Furs fine tuning and unpleasant tedious administrative tasks. Klaus Wenderoth: When acquiring new customers in the Internet do everything right. Everyone wants that. How do you, if you got a job with this task? Thomas Kilian: Makes sweeping unfortunately does not answer. We are allowed to accompany dozens of customers in the past few years and also for numerous own sites (online shops, Web portals, blogs and magazines) tumbled.

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Monday, November 30th, 2020 News