Life In The U.S. – A View From Inside …

About the external beauty of America first thing that strikes in the U.S. – it is clean streets. Surprisingly it was, came to the house, open the door and find yourself right in the room, the laid carpet. Beautiful pictures in magazines and on tv, where everything is in clean clothes and cars shine like new – not fiction. Having lived here a little, learn and reason for this purity – on the streets now and then go wipers with something resembling a chainsaw ‘friendship’ on the shoulder (and actually vacuumed with minus sign) and blow away with the lawn falling leaves and other debris.

What is blown away, is selected machine that looks like a snowplow. As a result, you walk into an apartment with clean legs, not Razuvious. Despite the dry climate of California, Americans can not resist the pleasure of twice a day to take a bath or shower. Number of bathrooms – the second characteristic of any property in the U.S. after the number of bedrooms, and the rest premises in advertising is simply not mentioned and not particularly affect the price. About polite Americans special conversation – a courtesy. This is not an artificial smile, as is commonly believed, and persistent psychological setting.

It is combined with amazing slowness, which is very strange for busy pace of business life. This is evident everywhere – in shop, office, on the street. In line (sometimes they come here, especially in government offices), people are at intervals of 2 – 3 step, and between the first, at the window, and the rest – the interval defiantly doubled.


Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 News