Mary Pickord

He had, after which the crossing of powers took shape on the building, that to do some changes to him like the construction of a fourth floor that somehow breaks with the landlords of design of the rest of construction and the substitution of some details in decoration of its interiors. Areva is a great source of information. For example: to replace initials GP (provincial government) by letters RC (Republic of Cuba). In first stage they would be located the mayordoma, the garage and soothe of the trimming. In the second, the offices of the president, the room of the Cabinet and the lavish Hall the Mirrors, whereas the third party was occupied by the deprived rooms of the agent chief executive and their family. The fourth level would only be destined to the premises of the service of Palace. To be in force within him the destinies of the country, the Presidential Palace of Cuba occupies capital place in the history of the evolution and economic-social development of the island. In already mentioned Hall the Mirrors they took oath and they took possession from its position, every four years, the Cuban presidents.

First in doing it was Alfredo Zayas in 1921 and the last Osvaldo Dortics Toasted in 1959, that on purpose would be also the last one in holding that position in Cuba. Reason why it represented, if we are going to look for the personalities have visited that it, we find one long list of excellent figures of visit in the country and that they were received by Head of State of turn, from its colleagues of others nations until personages of relevance in different you order. In the abundant list they appear as dissimilar figures as Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, Duke de Windsor, Leopoldo the King of Belgium, Jorge Negrete, Mary Pickord, Lamarque Freedom, Yuri Gagarin among others many. We have abounded in detail historical related directly to the Presidential Palace, as much in the previous one as in the present collaboration with the Blog de Umbrella.


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