MCM Investor Management AG: Strong Demand Trade After Home Loans

Your own four walls seem always more attractive to the Germans. Magdeburg, 12.09.2013. More and more people invest in real estate. As the demand increased for home loans in the savings bank 4.5 percent. Especially the real estate business is booming: In the first half of real estate loans were granted by over 20 billion euros. The good mood is noticeable especially in the savings banks. Thanks to strong demand for home loans the volume of newly-pledged loan rose in the first half to 4.5 percent to 64.1 billion, as the Deutsche Sparkassen – und Giroverband (DSGV) announced on Monday.

Also business with companies and independent given the stable economic development in Germany is around. Particularly outstanding is the booming real estate business. Gave it 418 savings mortgage about 20 billion euros in the first six months that is an increase of 13 percent compared to the same period last year. The number of consumer loans – for example, for a new TV or holidays – went back against it. In companies and Self-employed have pledged 34 billion euros in new loans the savings banks in the first half of the year, an increase of four percent. 80 Percent of the commitments were longer-term financing.

Who wants to benefit from the real estate market without themselves to bind an object to the leg, should look at more accurately the features of MCM investor Management AG. Who even as retail investors”want to invest in the profitable real estate market is properly advised at the Magdeburg company. Professional consultants can balance risks and opportunities thanks to its wide knowledge base and assist in the decision. Trends and current developments be considered here as well. The MCM investor Management AG will benefit from this trend their investors, but in an alternative form. Rosenthal Northland. This form makes it possible to benefit investors in the form of profit participation certificates of the Immobilienhype. The acquisition of this money is possible also with little start-up capital. Therefore, the access to the real estate market is possible a wider mass. The Investor relationship is therefore a win-win situation: the company benefits also their investors benefit. Finally, the MCM investor Management AG investment products make so successful the balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility.


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