Medicine Faculty

Extraordinary gesture of solidarity starring the Promotion XVI, who has left the name of the Faculty of Medicine, Trujillo, covered with laurels, to be filled with pride to our Alma Mater, I could perceive, during the desperate Tour that I had to go in looking for a liver transplant that allows me to continue living, From Belgium with Jorge Arrese, from Barcelona with Violeta Tapia, Victor Aguero from Brazil, from USA’s Carlos Castillo and Ricardo Jimenez and different regions of Peru, there was always the XVI Promotion Faculty of Medicine of the UNT to me and Authorities, Directors and Heads of transplantation and also perceived it when I manage my transplant in Guadalajara, in the city of Leon in Mexico City, Lima, always lay in the soft Insurance Promotion pads XVI, when he was from the nine attempts to transplant that I lived, they were always with me my family and the promotion XVI, was Anita Deza or Burga or Pedro or Juan Manuel Montalvan Namoc or Oscar or Maria Alquizar Elena Luna .

Marleni Araujo and many colleagues and finally to the crucial moment, this October 15 in the “Beacon”, the day of transplantation, next to my family, were members of the XVI Promotion in Lima, Amelia Cerrate, Celso Salgado, Luis Bromley, Jorge Ricalde, Mario Ledesma, Walter Gomez, a colleague who was in the operating room, and many more, all by force, there was the combative XVI Promotion, more suffering, unity and solidarity of the History of UNT, there were doing a long chain of Prayer and prayers, incense which came to heaven, where God surprised opened its doors, humanism and brotherhood and so gave me the strength to endure and overcome this difficult and painful trial through a Transplantation impeccable Liver, led by Dr. Jose Carlos Chaman Ortiz.Estos facts, almost epic, do not deserve to be lost in history, Dean, These facts, I feel obliged to share them because I think exalt our faculty, that not only create when Investigates!, not only transmits when teaching!, not only transforms, when projected!, were immortalized when their children are graduates of these examples! in an indifferent society, sleepwalking and these values are also learning in college, these examples honor the memory of Teachers, of those in the Gloria, in retirement and those who still have the responsibility to continue to forge Promotions.. . .

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 News