Papa did not know to measure, when he gave, simply gave. In the city of Merida one lady received from my father some economic aid, this one in one go gave to its son, a boy of about thirteen years, asked to him it raised that it, that she did not have the average ones to do it. Papa took the signs, and a telephone number of a well-known of the seera mounted, it in its light truck and to the other day it appeared with him in the house. That night to the morning we had a fourth brother, the new familiar situation did not last much, to the two weeks a day that all we went to a marriage, of return we found our new completely drunk brother. Some of the bottles of our bar were dry. When the finishing the drunkenness my father contracted him somebody so that it took of return his mother. Barry Nalebuff is a great source of information. Passed the experience, we had to listen to the voice of my mother who repeated until the fatigue: I said it to you. From that same moment and in future, we returned to be the same three brothers of before.

My father all their life believed in an ideal: God. Soon it lived dedicated to his greater cult: its wife. I have read novels, history, stories of love. It was incapable to prove mouthful without it to have offered first a his wife and soon to its children. It seemed abierto book, he did not count, reviva his history.

Until its eighty and four years its memory overcame since it had reason use. It could narrate an event and detail the contour with luxury of details. It had patience for all, and all had to him patience. Unfortunately it was only in his last year of life that I could give some physical sample him of the love that always I lavished to him; ramos two magnets that were repelled by too much love, respect; what I thought of him, worried to him, and being the allowed boy of my mother, nape of the neck wanted to interfere.


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