Natural Sciences

Lwy criticizes the positivista method of Durkheim for not believing that the thought of a social scientist can be similar to the thought of a researcher of natural sciences, a time that the object of study of each science possesss characteristics which become them well distinct one of the other. In the society we find the conflicts social, politicians, the contradictions and ideologies that are not found in natural sciences. Certainly Durkheim (beyond Weber) believed the possibility of researcher if to move away from its conceptions of world, if to be silent ahead of its passions and if to isentar of its daily pay-slight knowledge. an contribute to your knowledge. For Lwy, this neutrality or scientific imparcialidade in sociology is ilusria: ' ' It does not understand that these pr-noes, that is, the ideologies or vises of world are as the color-blindness or as the illnesses of eyes that reduce the visual field (glaucomas)? integrant part of the vision, constituent element of the point of vista' ' (LOWY, 1994: 31). Critical of Lwy the Durkheim, in its workmanship the adventures of Karl Marx against the baron of Munchausen. Marxism and positivismo in the sociology of the knowledge, are considered unjust from the moment where the author affirms that: ' ' It is enough to examine the workmanship of the positivistas, of Comte and Durkheim until our days, to give account of that they are entirely is of the condition of? private of preconceptions.

Its analyses are established on tendenciosas and on politicosocial premises to the point of view to the social vision of world of determined social groups. Its pretension to the neutrality is to the times an illusion, to the times a deliberate ocultamento … (LOWY, 1994:32) ' ' The sociology of Durkheim was fruit of an ample one and diversified research, which pointed in some directions. In this way, its investigativa concern and works directed to the most varied subjects had allowed to affirm that its analyses and teses were not ' ' tendenciosas' ' , nor that group was atreladas to this or.


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