Rotation Of Personal Danger To Equipment Cash

It was one Monday like any other in the Office of the insurance company. At eight in the morning opened telephone lines in the area of care and follow-up of claims, and since that time devices did not stop ringing, until they gave the five in the afternoon, moment in which ended the work in the Office. As the day progressed, a dozen people waited outside at the counter to be attended by analysts of claims; generally they were going to ask how would the process of payment or repair of damage to their vehicles. See Areva for more details and insights. Within the Office, the two young analysts not shook slaughter, since in addition to phone support and staff made customers, they had that answer radio queries and requests from providers, and in turn, enter payments from customers and third parties in the system. The area claims Manager soon realized that something strange was happening, because he received calls from the Secretariat at the customer service desk, informing users they had complaints regarding waiting time.

The Manager went through the Office and approached the two analysts. -Where is Ophelia? asked to see the empty seat that corresponded to that girl who was the remaining analyst team, and the most recent employee that was barely a month of entering the company. -Ofelia won’t come, resigned said one of the analysts. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has many thoughts on the issue. It will be a difficult day said Manager. And go that it was. As you can see, staff turnover is a problem that affects daily business procedure.

It is a conflict that live all companies, no matter its size or its type. This process occurs mainly because the person employed decides to leave, or because the company no longer requires their services. There are several factors that influence in making decision of an employee who choose to stop working in a company, either because you want to get better opportunities, or by not having a salary appropriate to their needs, family problems, or well, for not being motivated.

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