Standard Quilt Mattress

Because of its good heat transfer, these mattresses are popular with buyers. As usually 100% wool is not used for filling mattresses. Wool mixed with siliconized fiber, which makes the mattress durability and makes it more lush. Mattresses and hollofaybera of siliconized fiber Mattresses made of synthetic filler, usually more volumetric in appearance. These mattresses are slower and do not crumple iznashibayutsya of elasticity for the filler. Freeboard a mattress filled with so may reach twenty centimeters.

Mattresses of this type are very popular among the population. They are also often used in hotels. Unfortunately, such mattresses can not be subjected to heat treatment. They can only be cleaned. Mattresses sinteponovye Due to the fact sinteponovye mattresses that not only lush and soft, but with all this and still relatively cheap, people love to buy them.

Manufacture of mattresses each time the production of mattresses under the vigilant control quality, which ultimately has a positive effect on production, since the buyer is sure that he purchased a mattress, a good thing and not expensive. To begin with sewn bag, resembling a huge navolchki. This is a case. For this purpose, such as fabric: polycotton, calico and teak. Fabrics should be sturdy enough so that the mattress was as long as possible. Frame, one of the main elements of the mattress. Another important element in the production of mattress is stitching. The sides of the mattress should not be less than six inches, or wool will stray clumps. For stuffing the mattress filler, and an even distribution of its perimeter mattress, using special fans. After stuffing a mattress laid on the scales. weight of filler should strictly conform to the standards. The following tables show the weight of a filler for cotton mattress: 70h190 – 5 kg 80h190 – 6 kg 90h190 – 7 kg 120h190 – 9 kg 140h190 – 11 kg 160h190 – 13 kg, if necessary, we can make any size mattress and of any weight. The final touch in the production of mattress do pikovschiki. They are quilted mattress. The number of peaks depends on how well the mattress holds form. Here Standards Quilting Mattress: Width 70-80 cm -27 peak width of 90 cm – 36 cm Width: 120 peak – 45 peak width of 140 cm – 54 cm Shirina160 peaks – 63 peaks. Way to distinguish a quality mattress from the poor: a good quality mattress is usually mild and pleasant to the touch. Inside the mattress should be no lumps, and the filler should be distributed evenly around the perimeter. If the thickness of the mattress at different locations are different, it means that the mattress was not good enough propikovan. This mattress will soon lose its shape. During the use of a mattress creates additional load and if the seams are made of flimsy thread, then they may burst. JSC “Rusanivka” produces only high mattresses quality. Each mattress is certified and complies with accepted standards. Our mattresses are completely safe for your health.


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