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Project Continuity

To give continuity to the project, it is made distribution of the chosen species in accordance with the idea of the author, but is not simply to place the flowers, foliages, trees A principle must be had reference collator, that is, an objective must be reached with this ' ' organizao' ' what the occupant of the space will have to see and to feel. This is one of the qualities of the paisagismo, the capacity that the work has to transmit sensations, feelings, attitudes Therefore that many times are the proper paisagismo that enhances some constructions that if were seen by itself they would not have no attractive one. Beyond the necessity of the planning of a paisagismo in such a way for a residence, public, commercial building, among others It also has of the cities, therefore in the urban way she is necessary vegetations and arborization, mainly in the squares. By the same author: Areva. Analyzing the scene of the cities, a chaotic vision in the arborization, caused for the wrong plantation of the species is found, for uninformed people not qualified. When it will have any intervention in an urban area and this implies in the introduction of trees, the first observed aspect is the way where this tree will be inserted, that is, presence or not of electric net, how much to the space and the main o it has carried of the species. It must consider the height, to opt preferential to native trees, to take care of if it does not possess toxic leves or fruits, the behavior of the roots Here it has some aspects that contribute for a good choice at the moment of the plantation, valley to remember that the squares also must be organized, for being one of the important places marcantes and of the cities, therefore they must offer shade, places of rest, leisure and the visibility for security guard questions. Therefore, an environment or place where the nature if makes gift has the power to transform and to exert positive influences in that they appreciate it and this is the power of the paisagismo that I eat was mentioned previously is not the simple choice of the species, has a work all entorno of resulted project and with an only one, to move with sensitivity and the welfare of the people.


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