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BMX Rocks Udmurtia

German and Russian athletes and workers build a BMX mini ramp in Izhevsk – the capital of the soot Georgian region of Udmurtia July 20, 2008, press release of the gangway e.V. Berlin visit Udmurtia, an in this country little known region of Russia 12 BMX boys from Berlin-Marzahn, to build a mini ramp for BMX and skateboard in the industrial city of Izhevsk, with the local scene. This is the centerpiece of a new Skate Park at the Izhevsk reservoir. Travel and construction workshop take place from July 19 to July 30, 2008. The open air charity party and BMX show falls on the 26th July 2008 in cooperation with the local BMX scene is created in Izhevsk, Udmurt first BMX and Skate Park”, so the construction manager and Pro Bmxers Bobble.

The highlight of the visit will be the opening of the Skate Park with a BMX/Skate Contest and a benefit party for the street children project-new light”in Izhevsk. So goes the plan in compliance with Russian and German project partners provide immense preparation. The experience and the know-how in the development of RooF – BMX Hall in Berlin-Marzahn, the young people and Street team with dedication and commitment have built, should be forwarded here to a very young extreme sports scene. So that the ramp is passable in a few days, we all are must tackle powerful, at least 15000 screws, area 100 m and 3 cubic metres of wood processed. “, says Uwe Heide, street in Berlin-Marzahn and responsible organization. For the further development of cooperation with the street and the BMX scene in Russia we depend on sponsor help.” This time, German and Russian donors from industry and Administration fund the building material and the opening ceremony. Supervised the needed construction material comes from the sawmill of the self-help group new light”, which was founded by former drug addicts and including the street children of Izhevsk. “The project is being prepared by the State Committee for youth and family of the Udmurt Republic, German Russian Exchange e.V., joint LV Berlin, Velo Club Izhevsk, RooF BMX e.V., gangway e.V., the Russian initiative new light” and Paul Vasin international consulting support.

Sponsors for other projects such as return visit of Russia, more joint workshops with young people and professionals from both countries are very welcome.


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