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The majority of the connections from any type of Web, helps to improve the positioning, but we will comment to them which would be a site that, to find it, would be due to buy a connection, or to look for to make an interchange with him; an ideal connection. Cleaning: The connection will have to be direct, without no type of redirections and No-follow. Thematic: The connection would have to speak on the same thematic one that his and to have contained, unique and original solids. It will have to mention in the text, title and other parts of the page the words that characterize to their site, and which they are those that wishes to position. Transparency: Not to buy or to interchange with sites that use techniques ” badly vistas” by the finders (Spam, cloacking, hidden text, etc).

To always watch the cache of the page, some sites even make cloacking not to show the external liaisons to him Google; to verify that the site of the cache is equal which it is seen in the navigator. Relevance: The site where they will place his connection, or in its defect the dominion, will have to appear in front page of important results for its thematic one. To look for between the first 100 results in Google several important words for its thematic one; if it appears well, in anyone of them, it will be a good site to buy connections. Whichever better it appears, will be better site. Unicity: Sites are due to look for from different classes C from IP, so that its connection has more value.

In order to find out class C of a dominion, it uses this tool: . With this we made sure that the Link will be from an IP that did not connect to us before. Antiquity: He is recommendable to watch in the WHOIS of the site knowing his antiquity, all site with more of a year, already could be recommendable. And at the most old it is, better. (Fast access to the WHOIS: Also the tool Wayback Machine of can be used. Pagerank: The Pagerank can give a fast idea of the importance of a site, but never it is due to use like unique criterion, but it must be accompanied of the considerations before mentioned. Pagerank of 4 in future already is sufficient. Here a tool to verify the PageRank of the sites: To verify that the site has not made a redirection to obtain the PageRank of another site, for it watches the cache of the page, and if the one that appears she is another one, he is not recommendable to buy to him. Statistical data can be considered many other variables, as the design of the site, cleaning of code, the ranking in alexa, be solicitd, among others; but in positioning aspects, these are the main ones. Obvious, after found the site, an agreed text to its thematic one and the words would be due to use in him that wish to position, but in this article we were sent in what site a connection is excellent.


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Independent University

It is necessary to vindicate, in parallel, the leisure against the obsessive work, since there is to postulate the distribution of the work, an old union practice that, unfortunately, was falling in forgetfulness. Other inescapable exigencies speak to us of the necessity to reduce the dimensions of productive, administrative infrastructures and of transport, and to prioritize the premises against global in a scene marked by the sobriety and the voluntary simplicity. First that the opulent societies must consider is the convenience of closing or to reduce the activity of the war industry, the automobile one, in the one of aviation and mainly the one of the construction. By the same author: Andrew Cuomo. The million workers who lost their uses would have to find arrangement through two great channels. First it would contribute the development to it of activities in the scopes related to the satisfaction of the social and environmental needs; the second would arrive from the distribution of the work in the traditional economic sectors that would survive. It matters to emphasize that in this case the reduction of the labor day good could take prepared wage reductions, as long as these were not it in benefit of the enterprise benefits. After all, gain of standard of life that would be derived to work less and to enjoy better social services. There would be cleaner surroundings and less aggressive than it would be added to the derived one from the total assumption of the convenience of consuming less with the consequent reduction of needs in which to income one talks about.

It is not precise to add that the wage reductions that occupy to us would not affect to those who less they have. The decrease would not imply, for the majority of the inhabitants, a deterioration of its conditions of life. Rather, it must carry substantial improvements like the tie ones with the redistribution of the resources, the creation of new sectors, the preservation of the environment, the well-being of the future generations, the health of the citizens, the conditions of the work employee or the relational growth in societies in which the working time will be reduced noticeably. And it is that there is to start off of the certainty that, if we do not decrease voluntarily and rationally, we will have to do forced it as a result of the collapse, sooner or later, of economic and social injustice that we suffer.

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Let us take a simple example:-work is: A shop of construction materials to build by own effort, the houses affected by the cyclone, and products for the maintenance of dwellings. -Within its walls is made: waiting to be served. Get you on a list to find your name. You dispense the product. Go to the bathroom. Go to a cafeteria. Go to an expo-sale of alternative materials. Go to a Conference of sale, or products.

Go to a restaurant. Go to the ticket office of workers. Go to the store to find the product. Go to see the principal, or administrator. Sign cards of entry and exit of workers.

Charge. Store products. Stow products. Predespachar products. Etc – Outside their walls is made: rent a means of transport to take purchases home and wait for it to open the search store. You dispense the product. Go to the bathroom. Go to a cafeteria. Go to an expo-sale of alternative materials. Go to a Conference of sale, or products. Go to a restaurant. Go to the ticket office of workers. Go to the store to find the product. Go to see the principal, or administrator. Sign cards of entry and exit of workers. Charge. Store products. Stow products. Etc. – To vary these activities simply take a little imagination, because there you can do other things like: gun rentals for paint. Rental of staff for arrays of plumbing, electricity, etc. Rental of welding, machines etc., repaired equipment sales. Repair of construction implements. Etc. Most importantly is to declare your activities poles hierarchical or more important, and this is very true when urban projects are made: first tip: do not despair and try to visit a work equal to that you are doing. Second Tip: always think in the present and in the future, since you must build always for posterity, and when decided, try not to miss, because then the result of his work is not the best.


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Electricity and Electromagnetism are two branches of physics. Electrical and magnetic phenomena began to study towards the end of the 18th century, when in 1785 French physicist Charles de Coulomb confirmed that the force of attraction or repulsion power is directly proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance that separates them. This was referred to as the Coulomb law. very low frequency, however, were the mathematicians Simeon Denis Poisson and Carl Friedrich Gauss who came to the conclusion that two particles with opposite charges attract, speeding toward each other. From here comes the classical theory of a simple circuit (journey or an electric current path), which posits that the two poles of a battery have loads opposite (positive and negative). When these poles are connected from a conductor, negative particles are attracted to the positive pole, by heating the driver, issue that happens because it offers resistance to movement. When the particles reach the positive pole, are forced to navigate inside the battery to the negative pole, against the forces who oppose this (Coulomb’s law). Original author and source of the article


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