African Scientists

A small bird is olive-green color with brightly colored breast was found in redkorastuschem Laotian forest, growing on the rough karst rocks. In Currently the territory in which the birds were found, is part of a protected conservation area, but community members say that the development of limestone in this region, as well as agricultural activities may in future be harmful to an unusual ecosystem. Previously, scientists have been exposed to unusual new species in the area: ha nude or Lao rock rat – a unique kind of rodent adapted to living in limestone rocks, as well as a unique form of rabbits, with wool, painted in red stripes. Due to global warming life cold-blooded animals reduced American scientists followed the same time, how the life expectancy of terrestrial, freshwater and marine cold-blooded organisms in different climatic zones and concluded that cold-blooded animals such as fish, amphibians, crustaceans, and lizards, live longer at higher latitudes, but not in the tropics and the equator. This pattern holds for all kinds of cold-blooded, life expectancy, which can range from a few days before several centuries. As a result, analysis of the study data, researchers discovered that the temperature climate in a particular area is the main parameter determining the life expectancy of cold-blooded, moreover, this dependence is exponential. More details on the results of studies of scientists, read the material on In Africa, built wall to 'stop the advance of' the Sahara desert in order to curb African scientists propose to build a wall, the material for which is expected to be obtained using bacteria. Under most conditions Governor Cuomo would agree.


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On Conferences

Climate Change Conference held in Bangkok. Sochi Olympic facilities again 'under the gun'. Ecology and cars: from electric to gasoline made of straw. shrouded in smog from the burning dump. April 1 in the world have marked International Birds Day. Overview of events for the week of 31/03/2008 to 06/04/2008. Climate Change Conference held in Bangkok last week in Bangkok hosted the un Conference 'Climate change talks 2008', in which 1,000 experts from more than 190 countries discussed issues global climate change and ways to curb this process.

International experts held talks on the Bali Action Plan, which was adopted in December 2007. Bangkok Conference provides a beginning the process of developing a new global agreement that should replace the Kyoto Protocol. According to the adopted action plan, negotiations should be completed in 2009. Experts say the need to adopt new measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for all countries. According to many scientists, global warming climate is the objective, and the pollution it only enhances it. Meanwhile, as Indian scientists reported that global climate change will have a great impact also on the migratory movements of population on Earth. Only in the South Asian region, nearly 130 million people from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan will displaced within the next 90 years due to global climate change. For example, in India under the threat of flooding will be at home, and residents of coastal land in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Not less hazards are droughts that occur because of melting glaciers, which feed most of the rivers in the most densely populated areas in the north.


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