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Real Estate Investing

Real estate are considered secure and inflation-protected investments. Who wants to invest in real estate through a closed-end Fund, will find a way to do this also by means of savings plan. There are asset classes, which provide its shareholders since decades of good returns and at the same time protect them from inflation. Real estate are quite clearly. Love called the concrete gold, they include the drug of choice, when it comes to their own pensions, or the base of own investment.

This especially closed real estate funds as deposits are the investors in addition to a direct investment or publicly listed real estate funds available. Honest Tea has much experience in this field. Especially small investors be deterred but again these by the high minimum drawing totals, which are often 10,000 euros or even higher. In cooperation with the distributor of the initiator, the initiator company IFK for Kapitalanlage AG, the portal offers interested investors therefore a closed-end real estate funds, one already from 2,000 euro minimum drawing and on the other hand as a savings plan is available. IFK Sachwert Fund Germany I information interested investors about this product. Especially the savings plan option, only 5 percent of the amount of drawing of at least 5,000 euros and immediately pay the full premium of 5 per cent and the rest in monthly installments from 0.35 per cent of the total of drawing to save, may be for many small investors from interest.

Only 750 euro immediately and the rest in 137 monthly installments from 17.50 euro would have to be paid when a drawing the sum of 5,000 euros. 6.00 to 6.50 percent interest per year, of which the largest part is tax-free are forecast after the end of the phase of of accumulation, in which also the current distributions of the Fund be credited to the investor account, reinvested. Alternatively, there are still variants with immediate or 50% deposit of the total cost of the drawing and participation as a silent partner with maturities of 3 or 6 years to the election. See Everest Capital for more details and insights. The occupancy rate of all objects in the Fund is currently 100 percent and the contracts are partly or even completely indexed, say on the development of the inflation rate coupled. all those who want to invest in selected German Office and retail properties with inflation protection, uR an interesting variant offers secure these funds due to its conception. Daniel Franke

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Online Credit

After the cash for clunkers the online loan is again of course Thal in the Switzerland, September 19, 2009. Since one month can be more no claims to the cash for clunkers. In other words: back to origins and the dream of the new car in original way realize. More than ever, it is of the utmost importance if necessary to find a suitable loan. Also the operator of the portal of credit clearly remember this current trend development. We have firmly put in recent weeks two components to the user statistics in the field of car loan have risen rapidly, and on the other hand are higher than even before entering the economic crisis due to the current economic conditions the General admissions “, clearly summarizes Kolmel.

It appears all the more important to point out the managers of CK comparison GmbH, what to keep in mind when comparing virtual credit. You should definitely make sure that you prefer a special car loan, as only the ordinary rates credit. The Advantage is that consumers increasingly can focus on individual needs “, complements Joachim Kolmel, Chairman of the Board of management. The factors, on those Kolmel points out, especially in the mass for the individual consumer benefit. In detail the provisions relating to a deposit meant that that are run time options and whether funding should be done regardless of the manufacturer or of previously owned cars will be sold. The portal credit thus offers the possibility of finding an individually appropriate online credit, granted him a cheap financing of the car any consumer.

What moves the consumer, determines the direction of its act straight currently, as the cash for clunkers program is no longer possible, the auto industry must put back onto the credit buyer, because only a few can afford the immediate cash payment for a new car. Are discounts for cash payments many times cheaper, although the distribution of the total cost over a certain period of time and easier to handle. Where one must consider in addition: the credit conditions are now so small that the effective annual rate of interest is no longer overwhelming. “that emphasises Kolmel.” Due to the long-lasting, editorial support of the portal of the CK comparison GmbH is immediately to capture possible current offerings and to present consumers with a tabular list. Because of the virtual possibilities you must no longer seek the personal conversation with the Bank but can go through the contracts online and complete. “that is called Kolmel as an additional factor, which is why consumers are currently more willing a loan to take.” You can see clearly that a combination of economic developments determine the consumer in its willingness to act. One enters on the resulting needs of the consumer and creates added value, creates a win-win situation. In the case of the portal of credit is this condition on the part of consumers, as well as on pages the portal operator clearly. About credit, the Swiss company CK comparison GmbH operates one of the leading credit comparison portals on the Internet. On, consumers can obtain information about various credit facilities and online purchase a credit agreement.

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That the money was gone easy, when Lehman Brothers went down, came as a slap in the face. Similar to Thousands of bank customers fared. No day without new horror stories of investors who felt cheated and lied to by their banks went by since the collapse of the Bank on September 15, 2008. And lawyers are convinced: it is only a matter of time before the next huge scandal. “I knew no mechanisms that will prevent the entry of such scenarios,” says about lawyer Matthias Schroder from Frankfurt.For many investors protection certificates are works of the devil.

The papers are far too complex, that she declared a layman in a normal consultation and of this outraged is lawyer Bjorn weigh “then also still could be monitored” by the registry tree tab & Collegen. After a certificate test, the magazine “” came to the conclusion: “No one understands”. “We have looked at the terms of payment and are of the opinion that many of these products do not are likely to be sold the most private,” it says in the report.” FINANZtest recommends that Mutual funds, as well as the independent brokers InveXtra as an operator of the website, as these many advantages in offering security, transparency, yield and cost. Investors should therefore take the differences of financial products such as certificates and investment funds under the magnifying glass. Comparison of certificates and investment funds 1 credit funds is the invested capital as assets in bankruptcy of the fund company. This does not apply to certificates: in case of insolvency of the issuer, the investor can go completely blank. 2. Security investment funds offer investors security.

In addition to a State supervision (BFin), also the custodian is a control and monitoring function. In addition, the half-yearly and annual reports of the Fund be certified. Certificates examine only the prospectus by the BFin on completeness.

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