Italian Kitchen

Italian cuisine has a status of not only one of the best on earth, but also one of the most fashionable at the moment. And it is deserved, because the cuisine of Italy released a wide variety of foods and spices are used: used vegetables, seafood, beef, pork, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cheese, legumes (beans, peas) and rice. Italians are the favorite dish of pasta, cooked all of which are called in one word 'pasta'. Pasta in Italy are unimaginable sizes and shapes, pasta is added to soups, served with sauces or simply with cheese and cook in the oven and even stuffed with various fillings. Often cook pasta in a compartment with beans and cauliflower. Of pasta most respected Italian spaghetti – a mixture of elongated pasta and cannelloni – large hollow pasta. To begin with boiled cannelloni almost ready, and then fill minced pork mixed with finely chopped mushrooms, parsley, eggs and other ingredients and bake in the oven. The classic Italian dish – lasagna (puff casserole of pasta dough form interlayered with minced meat with the addition of cheese) and ravioli with a bunch of fillings (small dumplings of pasta flour, which necessarily served in a traditional tomato sauce with diced cheese).

Do not know why, but everything 'pasta' sauce with the addition of classic Italian cuisine are the first dishes, like soups. By the way, from soups necessarily need to try minestrone, served with green Italian sauce pesto '(more often it is cooked with olive oil, pine nuts and basil). Companion of many soups – finely chopped Parmesan cheese. This cheese ripens in the basement equipped with not less than 2 years and eventually becomes very dry and easily crumbled. This cheese is stored for months without loss of taste. Living in Italy – the zealous adherents of various vegetables and spices, such as lettuce, eggplant, artichokes, tomatoes and zucchini.

Vegetables can also serve as a separate dish, and garnish with fish dishes. Italian dinner often consists of a second cold dishes: salad, salad, tomatoes, cheese. Speaking about the Italian kilinarii not forget about the old Italian rice dish – risotto, a convergent with pilaf, which is made with different toppings. People go to a lot of options for risotto, and it has even become as popular as Italian pizza. Italian masters prepare delicious ice cream, a variety of dishes from the test – pasta, ravioli 'ravioli', which is often served with a truly unexpected toppings, light biscuits with fruit and almond desserts, cakes and pies. Dessert invariably ends with strong coffee. Wine in Italy – National drink, along with the main dishes carafe of wine is not applicable to present any Italian table.


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