Every year when I was child I received a postcard of my grandparents that I would send your annual vacation to Andalusia. The postcard always showed the same image: a beautiful girl dancing flamenco with a skirt of top fabric. Everytime I received this letter gave me the desire to wear a dress as well and to dance flamenco. This year I went to Seville and that dream became a reality. Seville is the capital of flamenco and you can find flamenco shows, flamenco shops and schools of flamenco in each corner. I went to the city with the sole aim of learning to dance the famous Spanish dance. I booked a Hotel in Seville, I bought some shoes and I enrolled in classes at a local school.

I did 3 classes a week and gradually made progress. In my final class I was chatting with my Professor about the fair in the spring, when he invited me to visit his house to see his flamenco dresses. This was like the opportunity of my life. When I went into their dressing room I was like a little girl in a candy store. I played the colorful tissue fluid and did exclamations about each different design. Then came would the question of my dreams I try a dress? I think that you know how it was my response. The only difficulty was to choose only one dress. I finally chose a stunning red dress with black polka dots and four tiers of ruffles. We danced next to each other in their classroom and a dream made was reality, the dream of my childhood. My stay turned out to be the Party of my life and strike say that I have already booked my Hotel in Seville for my next visit the coming year.


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