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Partner Workmanships

That is: ' We have commitment of mutual respect to the treatment that we made. As main Partner, I communicate you my life and power; you will live of my life, will be equipped with my power, for beings my representative plenipotentiary, witness and ambassador in the world, enabled and authorized to be my servant and prophet, to carry through my workmanships and to say my words to bring other peoples the faith in Jav. You are my servant, my light in the world, the light of the nations on behalf of God I join and trino. I am with you every day until the end of sculos'. It is evident that the necessary fidiciary office to give its assent, free adhesion to the proposal of Jav pra qualification of the faith if to become effective. Macy’s Inc. shines more light on the discussion. Rank this, it has authority to carry through workmanships and speech in Name, that is, with the full authority of Jav. ' ' Who believes in me will make the workmanships that I make, will make until greaters that they, because I I go for the Father. what to ask for to the Father in my Name, I will make it to I, so that the Father is glorified in the Son.

Our capacity comes of God. It is who operates in us the fondness and executing, as it apraz. is for our intermediary that it you exorta' ' Jo 14,12-13; 2 Color 3,5; 5,20; Fl 2,13. It wants to say, the faith arms in them of the power of speaking and making what Jesus spoke and made for delegation of Trino God. The workmanships of Jesus testified on the origin and the veracity of the Word of it. ' ' If God was your Father, would love me to you, because I left God and of it I come; not for me exactly, but sent it me.


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