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Studious on Leadership they come affirming that the efficient leader would possess three (3) basic characteristics: (a) Focus in the results; (b) Motivation of its team; (c) It disciplines to reach its objectives. (Similarly see: Western Union). Observing intently history human being we observe that since the primrdios of the times the human beings come if worrying about the organization of its society. The Greeks? for example? if they asked constantly as they could make its society to function better. Nigel Butcher usually is spot on. In century VII AC Homero if he concentrated in the relationship between two leaders: Agamenon and Aquiles. The Greeks had examined the question of the Leadership as nobody makes until then, therefore if they were motivated as could get success of the pparently unsurmountable difficulties ahead? They had looked for to understand what she impelled diverse individuals if to join in an organization. Moreover, the Greeks if had shown anxious in discerning as the authority and the power could most be structuralized to preserve the two pillars of its society? the freedom and respect the law. The geographic isolation, the contemplativa nature and the belief in the reason had taken the Greeks to formulate the first important questions on the nature of the relationship between the individuals and the organizations.

They believed to be necessary balance to give have supported to the efficiency of the organizations and the individuals in involved them. Aristotle developed sufficiently interesting a philosophical system that called of ' ' the doctrine of moderao' ' , guaranteeing that the organization never could transgress the individual rights completely; that the individual could not place its necessities above of the organizacionais interests. Currently, when investigating the causes of a financial disaster we perceive that these failures many times have little to see with the product, with the marketing, same planning or financial problems. In the truth, it has much to see with chemistry enters the leaders of the organizations. .


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