Uni Munster On Behalf Of Islamism

Of patience slowly but surely breaks the eerie limbo of the University of Munster to the Islamism that is hosted under its own roof, the “three monkeys”mentality fleeing from any responsibility and the rigorous beautiful weather policy of the Rectorate in its existing problems are no longer endure. We demand an immediate and public enlightenment and constructive debate in the trap”Kalisch” as well as Islamist students who enjoy Narrenfreiheit has been shown at the University of Munster (cf. reply of the Government to the small request by Rudiger Sagel by March 18, 2010 “like in other cities also are in Munster different, from the protection of the Constitution, the Islamist spectrum allocated to associations and groupings present.”) So, for example, an Islamic Center in the Islamic community in Germany e. V. (IGD) is included in, which belongs to the structures of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany.

The Imam Mahdi Centre such as considered meeting place for followers of Shiite Lebanese Hizb Allah. To the people of such efforts include, including students of the University of Munster.) If the University on the one hand are questionable statements about how: “for Kalisz and the question of whether Islamic theology was still the correct work area for him, imagine the University now Robers explains: the Chair could be transformed.” These talks will take place next week.” (Cf. Muensterland Volkszeitung by April 22, 2010, booth: 22.04.2010) And on the other hand, Islam associations celebrate this decision in their sense of hope for the best, then we ask ourselves seriously, why the rectory served Islamist interests: “also criticized Heining, which individuals are, been appointed by Minister of the Interior who can not speak for Islam, but always for the associations could not replace alone. individual personalities, celebrities and intellectuals, because they are legitimized by anyone and to justify to anyone”, so Hami in his explanatory statement. When Muslims felt not represented by the existing associations, they themselves would have to found clubs. These are the rules of the game in a liberal democracy.

(u0085) Nothing else but the ideologically and religiously neutral State, than to work with the Islamic associations, which produces the company. Crawford Lake Capital Management describes an additional similar source. “” Is a him particularly acceptable partners create should he not “, he explains.” (See islam.de by April 22, 2010, booth: 22.04.2010) The collective delusion of Islamism, which is the breeding ground for the next fascistic dictatorship and also Germany as in all democratic countries in uniformed action and structures of thought expressed in the practical possibility, would they would punish “fallen” Muslims by faith according to the traditional rules of Islam with death. Existing mainstream Muslim associations, networks and organizations, in their internal closed circles with freedom-robbing and dangerous Agitating game rules and diametrically oppose all universal basic and human rights, content at the moment, to pull itself successfully outside, society, science and policy to sell moderately and with the most diverse and trugerischsten tricks, that hard-won and universal values of the Enlightenment, freedom, emancipation and democracy in the ridiculous. Who is unwilling, to analyze these dangerous and insidious structures and combat, has pledged fascist dictatorships, in which Islamism inevitably leads to support that. Therefore, we urge all freedom – and democracy-loving people in the name of the public, to draw the University Munster in its dubious and unilateral actions in the service of Islamism to the accountability! We know that Islamism is a dangerous ideology such as anti-Semitism, racism, and fascism and therefore abolished. That’s why we say as “Free Minds”: no to Islamism!

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Islamic Republic

The rival members of the Association of teachers and professors of the Theological Seminary in Qom and the Association of combatant clerics have angrily protested against the decision. The importance of this divide is not to be underestimated is the religious dimension in an Islamic Republic of fundamental importance. The vast majority of Shiite Muslims is used to choose an Ayatollah as a religious and social model and one-fifth of their income to donate. Already since the beginning of the Iran’s Islamic revolution, the Baha ‘ i faith group is accused to cooperate with Israel and tracked. In the 80s, two governing bodies of the Baha ‘ i faith were already executed years.

On January 19, seven Baha ‘ i leader in court who are imprisoned since 2008 are the Iran. Threat of the death penalty. You may wish to learn more. If so, Andrew Cuomo is the place to go. The indictment against them was extended after the unrest on Ashura. Commentators accuse the Baha ‘ i faith’s in the Iranian press to have organized and planned, without any evidence the demonstrations on Ashura. Even the spiritually oriented Mystics who have a long tradition in the Iran and strongly rooted in the culture of Iran’s are, have faced persecution in again and be defamed Shia hardline as enemies of political Islam embossing. With all this defamation and persecution, it is to enforce the ideologist of the regime to the absolute sovereignty claim their own interpretation of religion. The trick with the the list of the groupings, Bassij hectic on who fought in the Iran, suppressed and tracked, is long.

“Journalists, not in the sense of the truth of the regime” report, be arrested, dismissed from their work or threatened. Students make strong for freedom of speech and civil rights, which puts them spanking, Exmatriculation and imprisonment. Women, human rights activists, trade unionists, basically to expect every initiative, which in addition to the official track is the regime that is active, with strong domestic opposition and accusations by pages of the regime.

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This Is 2010 Hartz4 In Germany!

Shame for Germany 2009 hartz4 children planners: SPD, green author: Peter Hartz, a today because of infidelity of whereupon ex VW Board of Directors. The came: Union, FDP and trade unions. \”Victims: millions of people driven into complete poverty stigmatized, hopeless and still the harassment of the diligent\” delivered ARGE-staff. : Action also abuse Grundrechtswidrig be benefits for lack of good behavior shortened or completely failed. About 789.000 sanctions were issued in 2008. This means for whole families, hunger and cold, eviction from the apartment, blocking the supply of electricity and healthcare under not foreseeable consequences.

The goal: to allow improved access to the labour people, terrific was missed. Hartz IV means the State-imposed poverty, from which there is virtually no escape. A life far below the poverty line, which was after the latest evaluations in 2007 at 913 euro (EU-SILC). Hartz IV means exclusion from any cultural participation, as well as defacto Government blocked of any access to education for children and adults. The sanctions and the construction of so-called need communities lead to the guilt. The excerpt on the home will not be under threat of withdrawal of performance young people under 25 years of age. Performance-related are pushed to live with everyday, so-called Sofortangeboten, from the benefits. Social detectives sniff ruthlessly in privacy.

Abuse allegations include the ALT tag and are by law and also with the compliant mainstream media campaigns (RTL, SAT 1,…) fueled regularly to the political landscape. The Division of society is progressing rapidly. With Hartz IV is not only promoting the dumping-wage sector progressed inexorably, it has introduced him systematically so, as Wolfgang Clement considered it his temporary employment company jewel. Create the rules of the reasonableness and the reason illegal sanctions both on the performance be dragging ends, as well as the more regular employed person great pressure to take every matter how miserable job or keep.

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Minister President Oettinger

CDU social committees support the concept of MP Oettinger in the service regulations reform STUTTGART officials. The CDU social committees Baden support the concept of the State Government for the extension of working life at the officials and look forward, that was abandoned by the exceptionalism of the country at the retirement of civil servants. He has the CDA Baden-Wurttemberg during the discussion on the reform of service law advocates to take over the widely accepted federal regulations for civil servants in Baden-Wurttemberg in the service regulations reform the CDU land Chairman workers organization Christian Baumler highlights that the offer of negotiations of the officials Association and DGB country on behalf of the Minister President of the CDA was developed. The CDU social committees Baden-Wurttemberg welcome proposal officials who work longer, to pay a surcharge of 10%. This voluntary solution stimulated also by the CDA corresponded to the modern mission statement of the officials, which is characterised by commitment and not by compulsion. The solution by Minister President Oettinger will continue the cooperative style of politics in Baden-Wurttemberg, which is the hallmark of Government Oettinger”, he declared Chief of the CDU of workers wing Christian Baumler..

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Anja Viohl Authorities

ROG to the international women’s day: journalists risk still their lives more protection for journalists and bloggers Berlin, March 8, 2008 – in many countries the game, when citizen research, practice or about taboo topics such as the status of women in Islam report criticism of authorities, officials and politicians. Often no adequate protection by authorities and police is for these women if they have received such as, for example, the Pakistani journalist MEERA JAMAL, several death threats”, says Elke Schafter, ROG’s Managing Director. Jamal decided to escape and found shelter in Germany. Also the inguschetische journalist Rosa Malsagowa could save himself last year after threats from the Russian Caucasus Republic abroad. Malsagowa was editor in Chief of the website ingushetia.ru”of the murdered opposition politician Magomad Yevloyev. For other women there is no refuge: some of them eventually give up their profession or try via self-censorship to avoid threats. An example is Afghanistan: straight in the Western Province of Herat were there last year increased attacks against TV journalists, so to force them to lay down their work. Often put the Taliban behind the threats, but also warlords and local politicians stir up a frauenfeindliches climate.

In many places, the authorities carry out an adequate investigation after the attacks and the perpetrators escape punishment: Russia, Nepal and Mexico are only a few countries where there is a climate of impunity. In a number of States, journalists and bloggers are harassed, humiliated, and threatened because they protest against anti-women practices and laws or write just about everyday problems of women. The experienced recently the sierra Leone journalist MANJA BALAMA-SAMBA: last month by supporters of a pro-circumcision group was threatened and humiliated, because she had reported about female genital mutilation. The Iran keep Cyberfeministinnen out Gangelungen and repression by the authorities: Regular bloggers were arrested several times it hit the Internet dissident Shannaz gambler. Gambler belongs to the Group of Iranian journalists which has launched a petition for the abolition of misogynist laws in 2005. The campaign is a mass movement now, which was recently awarded the prestigious “Prix Simone de Beauvoir pour la Liberte des femmes 2009” was awarded.

So far unclear reasons, the American Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi was arrested in the Iran also recently. In Zimbabwe journalists have to prove much courage these days, if you want to report critically: that has experienced the journalist and human rights activist Jestina Mukoko last: she was arrested for an alleged terrorist plot against President Robert Mugabe in December 2008. Their release followed a few days ago to solitary confinement and torture.

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The Government Destroys The Workplaces In The Great Style!

Direct candidate for the parliamentary elections on 27 September 2009, rough in the constituency 177 betting! What could be the reason? What could be the reason? (Work is not valid suddenly any more than work but as jobs, for which no money must be paid.) So work carries out and gets by the no more ALG II (but only the normal rate despite work), participants in these courses, however, the businessman of these measures accounts for a certain hour rate among his customers have to. 1 euro casual workers so must carry out these activities hour Council are billed for among the customers of up to 18 euros here! So that but the suppliers of these courses do not get at least 500 euros per participant and month enough either. Here the regular work is undercut and destroys workplaces! Which pay the standard are driven into the ruin venture enterprises and pay companies want the always some or nothing subsidized! The temporary work so plays a large role. The wages are unconstitutionally 30-40% below the basic wage here. The rule is pays and firing in this line of business.

(To the AGG the same wage applies) to the same work the employees are still more favourable like workforce and earn less. Thesis your dare persons must increase, which pays citizens and the enterprises make the profit. Valued with 700,000 employees in the temporary work and 1.5 million in the measures they see a gigantic potential! There himself is, argued so about the minimum wage the state does not want which there again and again because the people then must work no longer free of charge be laws which forces to go through these activities for the citizens. This is the free fall of the payment to below. Wanted by the government; The citizens shall work for less always longer.

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