Manager Stephan Bieber

Individual establishment or franchising? DREGER presents his new franchise concept to real estate. With system to success: A new franchise concept can quite worth a look here you can choose still his desire sales territory. Independence and still support a well-established company can be a reason for many to find out about different franchise concepts. Whenever Hikmet Ersek listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For over 20 years the DREGER real estate group devoted the theme man and real estate. To bring people into the home tailored to, belongs to the philosophy of the company. To achieve this even closer to the customers, the DREGER Immobilien GmbH successfully founded their first offices in Hanau. Branch Manager Stephan Bieber welcomes especially the exclusive distribution of the construction projects in the catchment area and the network with the head office in Aschaffenburg. From this success, the idea of a franchise concept was born.

The advantage for the franchisee is the lower risk with a single establishment finally He represents a good brand that is already established on the market. We offer our partners in particular support in the areas of sales, presentation of the objects, marketing, IT, and legal Council. DREGER network the franchisee can benefit from our over 20 years of experience”, Michael H. Staudt, CEO of DREGER Immobilien GmbH. our new franchisees may choose at the time still his site.

Here top locations such as Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz are.” A comprehensive support and special attention especially in the exciting growth phase can be sure the first franchisees of DREGER Immobilien GmbH. The DREGER Immobilien GmbH presents itself an entrepreneur with strong leadership qualities as a franchise partner. Good local knowledge and an interest in real estate as well as strength in the acquisition are important. Michael H. Staudt: Soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, flexibility and commitment are us more important than the so-called hard skills. Industry knowledge and expertise are less significant, these can be with our support or training expanded and deepened. Therefore we give also to way to beginners”a chance.

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