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This law regulating the voltage as a function of frequency is called the U / f = const. If we substitute in formula (2) the voltage for low speed, the percentage of iR – component inversely proportional to the increases relative to applied voltage. This leads to a significant decrease in the flow at low frequencies and, correspondingly, a decrease of the moment. To ensure the load capacity of the time close to par in the entire range of speeds used iR-compensation, that is overstating the voltage on the law U / f = const as shown in Figure 3. Fig. 3.

The law regulating U / f = const in the drive frequency converter is capable of convert voltage and frequency converter coming from the usual (380V – 50Hz) to the regulated frequency voltage (U) and frequency (f). The principle of frequency inverter frequency inverter specifies three conditions under different speeds at different engine: Changes the speed of the magnetic field in the engine Keeps the magnetic field in the engine continuously provides smooth rotation of the 3-phase field (not stepwise) to explain all these Conditions 1. Changing the speed of the magnetic field. To satisfy this condition, you must change the frequency of the output voltage inverter. 2. Constant magnetic field in the engine.

Electrical energy is supplied mains power supply 380V – 50Hz. The engine is designed for a well-defined voltage and frequency of the mains.


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