Transpersonal Psychology

This is the religion that Freud and other investigators are associate, razonadamente, with fixations to a mythical thought. When about psychology speech of religion and espiritualidad is thinking about this type of beliefs and rarely it distinguishes between the exotrico and the esoteric thing. It is indicated that a tool helpful in transpersonal psychology, is the Holotrpica Breathing, that is a form of experimental work created by the Dr. Stan Grof and their wife Cristina, and has been proven from 1976 in multiple places of the world with impressive therapeutic results, of personal development and of extension of it brings back to consciousness. The Holotrpica Breathing is one of the most powerful and effective techniques of existing experiencial psycotherapy and deep self-exploration within Transpersonal Psychology. This based on the great curative and transforming power of the nonordinary states of it brings back to consciousness (mystical experiences or states that happens to deep meditation, or rituals of different cultures, or spontaneously). By means of the fast breathing and evocativas musics we activated psique and we entered an not-ordinary state of brings back to consciousness. This state has the surprising capacity to select and to take to brings back to consciousness unconscious contents that have a strong touching load and, therefore, a great psychological importance; we can revivir or connect not only with the biographical material (from the moment of the birth to the present) since it is made normally in the traditional psycotherapy, also we have access to all that with the birth (first perinatal), sequences of death and psychological Renaissance and the limitless phantom of transpersonales phenomena, allowing to experiences and ” insights” of inestimable curative value and personal development.

Finally, present t engase, that the transpersonal psychologist detects the level of brings back to consciousness of the patient and it aid to surpass the own conflicts of that level, alert and being arranged to follow the patient towards new experienciales levels as they are appeared. ” The transpersonal therapist takes care of all the events that emerge throughout the therapeutic process, including the worldly subjects, the biographical data and the existential problems. What in fact it defines the transpersonal direction is the model of psique human that recognizes the importance of the spiritual or cosmic dimensions and the evolutionary potential of conciencia.” (Stanislav Grof) *ftuentes P aginas Web in Internet and . entorno-empresarial.


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